The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 260

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 260

Boom! The chandelier shattered onto the floor and silenced everyone in the villa.

The floor was covered in a bed of crystal shards, and among the crystalline sparkles, they saw a man standing there in a black coat.

He had a handsome face with exquisite features and an outstanding air of elegance around him.

That said, he was emitting an intense amount of killing intent, enough to make everyone there peed in their pants.

All because the gun was in his hand.

“If I hear anything from any one of you. This man dies next!” Sebastian pointed the gun towards the second floor.

His eyes red with blood lust as it gave everyone there goosebumps.

Hearing that, everyone upstairs immediately covered their mouths with their hands.

At that moment, Brandon heard Sebastian’s voice and quickly crawled out with his beat-up face. “Sebastian! It’s about time! Get up here!”

He was crying, even though he was more than twenty years old.

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed when he saw that. He had a dark expression on him as he hurried upstairs with the gun.

As expected, the situation was worse than he had imagined.

The room was in disarray. Chairs and vases smashed, shards of glass littered everywhere with blood all over the floor. It was so horrifying that even his pupils constricted, his eyes more crimson than it was a moment ago.

On the other hand, Sasha, though barely, just picked herself up from the floor. But when she saw those eyes, she actually backed away.

She was supposed to be happy.

Sebastian appearing before her at that particular moment was a godsend, and Sasha should be happy about it.

But she was not.

She was shocked, panicked, and fearful. Those feelings were so strong that they were able to overwhelm the pain all over the body.

Why is he here now? Did he know about it?

A sense of dread started creeping up on her. Sasha felt as though she was caught in a whirlpool. Her head was going numb and she started shivering, forgetting all about the pain.

“Why are you here?” Sebastian spoke.

The words came out between his gritting teeth as he clenched his fist so tight that it made crackling sounds.

Sasha shuddered.

At that very second, it felt like she got dropped into the depths of hell. She was struggling to breathe as there was no hope left.

I’m here for one thing, and one thing only. Did he know about it from the start? Did he set this whole thing up so he could fish those two out of the water? And I’m just the icing on the cake?

There was nothing more she could do.

“Y-You know why I’m here, don’t you?”

“What did you just say?” Sebastian narrowed his angry gaze. He did not expect her to behave that way.

“You’re being awfully confident here.”

“I’m not. I-I’m just admitting it to you so that it’s less of a hassle.”

Sasha was upset and felt the pressure rushing to her head. She needed to keep it in and calm down.

Sebastian was infuriated. “So? You want me to kill you now? Are you proud of it?”

Sasha’s face went pale after hearing that.

Why would I be proud of this?

Sasha wanted to kill herself then and there.

Back then, because of her naivety, he was locked up for six years, suffered for six years. After all those years, she made the same mistake yet again. This time, if things went beyond repair, she would be doomed.

She could never feel proud of that.

Even if Sebastian really did slay her right there, Sasha would have no complaints.

“No. I feel sorry for you, Sebastian.” Sasha looked at the man in a calm manner. “I owe you too much. So no matter what you want to do to me, I deserve it.”

Sebastian went quiet.

“I-I only have one simple request. Please take good care of the kids if I’m gone.”

Sasha could no longer bear with the stench of the blood and started coughing.

Her eyes were red and watery, looking like she was being choked. She was in so much pain that she had to bend down. Not long after, blood started flowing out from her mouth.

Sebastian’s expression immediately changed.

However, before he could do anything, Brandon came rushing inside. “What are you doing, Sebastian? Are you out of your mind? Why are you chastising her the moment you saw her?”

He went and supported Sasha up.

That said, in a swift motion, Sebastian scooped Sasha away and held her tightly in his arms.

“You listen here. If you ever drag her out like this again, I will cut you down!” Sebastian left one last warning as he left, still gritting his teeth.

A warning mainly targeted at Brandon than Sasha.

Thus, when he and the lot left with Sasha, who had blacked out. The Sanders residence was in shambles. Brandon was the only one left, with a severely injured face.

Cut me down? Try me! You’re just an ex-husband! What right do you have to act tough in front of me?

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