The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 261

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 261

Sebastian was actually really surprised that he would catch Sasha with the bait he laid out for Kelly.

He had thought that Kelly and Xandra were plotting something big behind the scenes to go against the Hayes Corporation. But instead, his trap only netted him a dummy.

“Mr. Hayes, Kelly Green spilled everything. The books and the letters from Xandra were all from an anonymous sender. These are the documents from back then. Please take a look.”

Luke saw that Sebastian finally had some time, so he quickly handed the USB drive he got from questioning Kelly, along with some books.

Sebastian took a glimpse and picked one up.

“The Tattoo?”

“Yes. You actually helped contact some publishers for Xandra to publish this book. Sadly, it’s not her original work.”

Luke recalled what happened that year and could not help himself from feeling disgusted.

He could not imagine what was going on in Xandra’s mind when she did all that. It was clearly someone else’s work, but she acted like it was hers. There was not a hint of guilt in her.

She enjoyed all the benefits that came with the publication of that book like she deserved it. She even prided herself for it.

Sebastian’s face turned cold as he took the book and flipped through it, finding his shadow in it with ease.

That was the first time Moon saw Ricky. The ten-year-old was running around in the yard with his teacher chasing after him. He was unwilling to do his schoolwork and covered in sweat. That said, he had exquisite features and a rebellious smile as beautiful as the morning sun.

That was a paragraph from the book that described the main male character.

And Sebastian remembered it like it was yesterday. It was the same scenario where he first met Sasha.

Back then, she said he was handsome. But he only thought of her as a dumb girl that annoyed everyone.

Sebastian continued reading. Sasha was young, but she had talent. Her words painted a clear picture of the story she wanted to tell, but there was a sense of sorrow between every line.

Especially when the female main character found out about the boy’s secret.

Moon got home, and her mother asked about how she did in the test. Moon did not reply. She did not want to dampen her parents’ expectations. Her test results indicated she was well suited for studying finance, but she did not want to walk that path. Moon wanted to become a doctor, especially one that specialized in psychology.

Sebastian suddenly stopped reading.

He felt uncomfortable. It was like something was clogging up inside his chest.

“Mr. Hayes, are you okay?”

“I’m okay. Are there anything else?” Sebastian tried to hide it and took a sip of his coffee.

So, Luke took out some more documents.

“Even though Kelly fessed up, there was zero information about the anonymous sender. They tried to contact her, but the email address has been deactivated.”

“Deactivated?” Sebastian sneered.

“So, it was all planned out. Get some hackers to look into it.”

Luke nodded. “Already on it. But Mr. Hayes, these books, did Madam write all of them?”

Luke could not stop himself from asking.

It was too much for him to handle. The notion of the president’s fiancée of five years being a fraud and that his ex-wife was the real author almost blew his mind away.

Luke was rather excited. He decided that, when Sasha woke up, he would try and get her signature. He heard that the author of those books was regarded very highly in the literature circle.

“Do you have a lot of time on your hand? I don’t mind paying you triple for the overtime.”

“Huh? Oh! Oh no! I have tons of work. My mother is still waiting for me to clean up the house. I’ll take my leave, Mr. Hayes” Luke immediately turned around and left.

He passed the kids downstairs as he left in a hurry.

The kids all looked at each other, confused at what was going on.

“Did Daddy scold Uncle Scott again?” Vivian asked.

“I think so,” said Matteo. “He’s a little stupid. Why would he come here when he knows Daddy just brought Mommy back.”

“True!” Ian, who usually did not talk, also agreed with his brother’s opinion.

After that, the kids wanted to give their parents some alone time, so they called the Hayes residence.

“Grandpa, it’s me, Matt. Did you miss us?”

“What do you think, you little brat?”

Frederick was excited as he rarely got phone calls from his grandchildren.

Hearing that, Matteo looked at his brother and sister and smiled. “Come pick us up then. We’ve decided to stay at your place for a night.”

“Really?” Frederick was ecstatic, standing up straight away. “Alright, I’ll send someone over to pick the three of you up.”

With that, he ended the call and immediately arranged for a driver.

Frederick had always treated his kin exceptionally well, whether they were his son, Sebastian, or his grandchildren, he treasured them all the same.

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