The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 263

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 263

Wendy? Am I in Royal Court One?

Sasha slowly came to her senses, and she started surveying her surroundings while still lying on the bed.

The room she was in was decorated with a cool atmosphere in mind. The walls were in shades of grey and were coupled with a white-tiled floor. The wardrobe was made of glass-like materials. It was not fully see-through, but she could still see the clothes arranged in it in an orderly manner, making it more elegant.

This bed room. It’s…

Her eyes suddenly widened.

“You’re awake?”

Sebastian came in and noticed her after getting Wendy to give the doctor a call.

Sasha immediately froze up. in place.

She thought that she was still in a dream as she recalled having a fall out with him, that he caught her red handed and she admitted to everything before she blacked out.

What’s going on?

Sasha looked at the man in front of her, stunned.

But when Sebastian saw that she had woken up, he went straight to the side of the bed and checked on her temperature by placing his palm on her forehead.

Sasha did not know what to say.

“Your temperature is normal. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” He retracted his hand and looked at Sasha. She was staring at him, looking very dumbfounded of the situation.

Naturally, Sebastian was not going to tell her that he was there the entire time.

When he brought her back, she was covered in injuries, and her clothes were tattered. So, he got Roxanne to check on her, making sure that her life was not in danger before cleaning her up himself.

It was the first time Sebastian did something like this for anyone but his kin.

Sebastian poured Sasha a glass of warm water and placed it on the bedside table.

Sasha was still quiet.

She looked towards the cup of water and looked back at Sebastian before finally supporting herself to sit up.

However, as soon as she moved, she felt a sharp pain coming from her belly. “Ah!” She cried out and fell back.

At that instance, Sebastian’s expression changed. He quickly bent down and helped Sasha up. Cold sweat was breaking out all over her face because of the pain.

“Does it hurt?”

“Yea.” Sasha admitted, as tears welled up.

She thought that he was going to show some sympathy for her.

But instead, as soon as she answered, he started ridiculing her, even though he helped her up and placed a pillow behind her.

“Maybe you should go all the way next time. That way you won’t hurt as much.”


Sasha a puzzled for a brief moment.

It only dawned on her when Sebastian put up a smug grin and held the glass of water up to her lips.

This scum’s mouth is as nasty as always. Is he cursing for my death? Is he telling me I should just die?

Sasha accepted her fate and kept quiet. She leaned over and took a few sips of water before eventually braving herself to look at Sebastian.

“Why did you bring me back?”

“What? Have you gotten used to running around with another guy that you don’t even want to come home?” Sebastian was not having it.

“No,” Sasha quickly refuted. “That’s not what I meant. I just didn’t think that I would ever come back here.”

Truth be told, Sasha already assumed she was dead when they were at the Sanders’. Sebastian hated her so much, and now he found out that she was the cause of his misery. There was no reason for him to spare her.

Sasha’s face turned pale.

Sebastian realized what she was talking about and gave her a cold grin. “I did it for the sake of the children!”

Sasha was quiet.

“You listen to me carefully, Sasha Wand. If you ever misbehave and run off again, I’m going to kill you!”

He was extremely serious.

His expression was cold as ice. Under the lighting in the room, it actually felt like there was a layer of frost on his face. It was clear that he was not messing around when he said that.

Sasha gulped.

The Sebastian at that moment looked extremely scary.

But he only said I couldn’t sneak off secretly, right? He didn’t say anything else? Does he not care about the books? About Kelly and Xandra?

Sasha looked at him, puzzled.

Nevertheless, after Sebastian finished, he took the glass away and headed to the sofa.

After that, he placed the cup down and proceeded to take out a bathrobe from the wardrobe before going into the bathroom.

Sasha was quiet throughout.

She was dumbfounded once again. She even started wondering whether she was still dreaming. If not, the scene in front of her just did not make sense to her.

Sasha sat idly on the bed for a long time.

After around twenty minutes, there were noises coming from downstairs. It sounded like someone was visiting.

“Mr. Hayes, Dr. Rocke is here.” Wendy brought Roxanne over. “Huh? Ms. Wand, you’re awake?”

She proceeded to bring Roxanne inside after she saw that Sasha was already awake.

Hence, Sasha turned towards the door and saw the young doctor. She looked exceptionally elegant, rocking a head of wavy hair.

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