The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 264

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 264

“Isn’t she awake?” Roxanne asked as soon as she saw Sasha sitting on the bed. She scanned the room and swiftly carried her medical kit inside towards the bed.

This doctor’s a little carefree it seems.

Sasha did not say anything, but she felt a little strange.

“Pull up your clothes!”


“I need to check, of course. I got summoned in the middle of the night. You think I’m here to fool around?” Roxanne explained bluntly, feeling a little impatient.

“Dr. Rocke, Ms. Wand is… “ Wendy came from behind the doctor and wanted to explain.

“No need.” Sasha stopped her. “I’m a doctor too. I know what condition I’m in.” She did not want Wendy to help her explain anything.

Then, she looked towards the doctor with a straight face.

To her surprise, Roxanne was not fazed at all.

“I know you’re a doctor, but you are my patient now. If anything happened to you, it’s my responsibility.”

As soon as she finished, Roxanne pressed her hand on the spot where Sasha got kicked.


Sasha immediately felt a sharp pain coursing through her body and bent her body down. He face paled.

“Dr. Rocke, you… “

“What are you doing, Roxanne!”

Wendy could not stand and watch and wanted to stop the doctor, but the bathroom door opened up, and Sebastian walked out and shouted at her. Water was still dripping from his hair as he came out with only a white towel around his waist.

With that, the doctor took her hand off.

“Ms. Wand, are you okay?” Wendy hurried over to check on Sasha.

Sasha kept quiet.

Within a few seconds, the sweat soaked her entire shirt, and her skin was translucent.

“Don’t worry. I was just checking on how her injury was. Now, I can be sure that there’s no internal bleeding,” Roxanne explained.

She still acted very nonchalantly as her gaze shifted from Sasha to Sebastian.

When she saw that he came out with only a towel, her eyes were glued to his naked and muscular upper body, shining from the little wetness after his bath.

Sebastian noticed that and felt disgusted.


He immediately went back into the bathroom and slammed the door. After a brief moment, he came out in a bathrobe instead.

Sasha just came back to her sense and got puzzled by what happened.

What’s going on here?

“Anything else?” Sebastian took a glance at Sasha and asked the doctor coldly, his face emotionless as always.

“Nothing else. I told you. She’s going to be fine.” Roxanne shrugged.

“You can leave then.”

Roxanne went speechless.

That bombshell caught her off guard and her eyes widened. Not only that, Sasha was astonished as well.

What’s going on with this guy? How can he be so rude? Even if the doctor’s a little mean herself, you can’t just send her off like this after calling her over this late at night!

“Sebastian. It’s okay. She… “ Sasha felt like he had gone overboard.

“Mr. Hayes, is this necessary? I just took a look at you, and you’re chasing me out? I’ve seen you like that more than a few times, you know? Why are you being so petty today? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll stop coming over?”

To Sasha’s surprise, when she wanted to help Roxanne out, Roxanne actually said something like that right in front of her. Her expression was flirtatious, to say the least.

Sasha froze after that.

The amount of familiarity they had was uncanny. Not even she could reach the level she was at.

Who is this doctor?

Sasha expression was starting to change.

“You better be gone within the next three seconds. If not, I’m going to throw you out,” Sebastian gave her a final warning in a cold tone.

Roxanne went quiet.

She looked at the merciless man in front of her, and finally picked up her medical kit when she had two seconds left.

“Alright. I’m leaving. Sorry for bothering you. But mind you, Sebastian. She’s still a ticking time bomb. You better think about it carefully. I don’t want to waste another eight years teaching you about it.”

Roxanne finished her remark and left.

Sasha was stunned yet again by Roxanne’s remark.

For a long time, her gaze lingered at the door with no one there while her mind was in chaos, unable to calm down.

Who the he*l is she!

After Roxanne left, Wendy followed suit, leaving the bedroom in a quiet state.

Sebastian went and closed the door before turning back into the bathroom. After a while, Sasha could hear the sound of the hairdryer from the outside, so she assumed he was drying his hair.

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