The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 265

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 265

Sasha did not know what to feel about that comment.

She recalled what the doctor said earlier and felt extremely troubled. It was as if something was crushing her while she was lying on the bed.

Eight years…

Why did she spend eight years to rescue him?

And the doctor called me a time bomb. What does that mean?

The more Sasha thought about it, the more dejected she became. She flipped the blanket and decided to get a glass of water.

All of a sudden, she dropped the glass, and it broke into pieces.

Sasha’s expression changed. She panicked and looked in the bathroom’s direction. She bent down and wanted to clean up the shards of glass before he came out.

But the moment she squatted down, the sound of the hairdryer from the bathroom stopped.


Sasha got even more anxious when she noticed the bathroom door was opened.

“What are you doing?” After coming out of the bathroom and noticing what Sasha was doing, Sebastian frowned in dismay.

The color drained out of Sasha’s face. “I… I just want to get myself some water.”

Her body stiffened when he approached her. Though her body was in pain, she still forced herself to pick up the broken pieces from the floor.

But before she could even do that, the man grabbed her by the wrist.

“Water? Did I not just give you a glass of water earlier? Why are you so troublesome?” Sebastian sounded as if he had lost his patience.

It was getting late, and he was exhausted. Yet, when he was about to rest, this woman caused another trouble. She was just a troublemaker.

Why are all women like this?

With a grim expression on his handsome face, he squatted down, picked up the shards of glass, and placed them in a napkin.

He was cleaning up the mess with one hand as his other hand was still gripping the woman’s wrist.

It was as if Sebastian was afraid that Sasha would start messing around again if he released her.

Women always get on my nerves.

Sasha looked at him before turning her attention to the hand that was grabbing her wrist.

“Stand still. Stop moving anymore!” He raised his voice.

Sasha was at a loss for words and did not know how to react to that. She could only stand by the table and watch him clean up the mess.

Sasha had never seen the thoughtful side of this man like this before.

Sebastian had finally done cleaning a few minutes later.

“Do you still need water?” he asked.

Sasha hesitated for a bit and nodded.

The man then poured her a glass of warm water and gave her a few pills.

She looked at his face, which had annoyance written all over, and swallowed the pills with the water.

After that, Sebastian went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Sasha initially wanted to get back to the bed and rest, but she decided to stand and wait for the man. “The doctor who came earlier… who is she?”

“You don’t have to know.” Sebastian refused to answer her question.

He refused to answer Sasha not because he had something to hide from her but merely because she did not need to know. After all, Sebastian was annoyed by that doctor who was also his attending physician.

Upon hearing that, disappointment was written all over Sasha’s face.

Her expression change rendered Sebastian speechless.

Why are women so paranoid?

He let out a sigh and said, “Her name is Roxanne Rocke.”

“Oh!” Sasha’s eyes brightened all of a sudden. “It’s her? So she has been treating you all this while?”

“That’s right.” Sebastian tried to be patient.

Sasha’s mood seemed to have improved. “She looks very young. She should be around your age, right?”

That was indeed a valid question.

Sebastian was already sixteen years old when he was sent to live with his uncle. Roxanne had been his doctor for eight years, and at that time, Sebastian was already twenty-four years old. Yet, they looked as if they were about the same age.

So how old was Roxanne when she started treating him? Seventeen? Eighteen?

How is this possible?

Sasha found it hard to believe.

But Sebastian was not ready to let Sasha get her way. He sneered, “Smart people are everywhere. You think everyone is as stupid as you and would take forever to graduate?”

Excuse me? I’m stupid?

I might have taken a few extra years to complete my studies, but at least I’m a certified doctor!

Sasha’s face was stiffened with dismay.

“What makes you think I’m stupid? I might not have excelled under Dr. Kaye’s tutelage, but I self-studied and eventually became a doctor.” she defended herself. “And I even made a name for myself as a doctor in Clear. So please don’t use the word stupid on me.”

Sebastian was instantly tongue-tied upon hearing that.

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