The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 266

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 266

Sebastian tilted his head and looked at her. Sasha felt he appeared to be less hostile after hearing what she said.

“Fine. You’re smart but too bad, you’re not a member of the Blackwood family,” he responded.

“The Blackwoods?” Sasha had no clue what he was talking about.

“Yes. Just so you know, Roxanne is Heyman Rocke’s granddaughter.” Sebastian gave her a smirk.

Sasha’s eyes widened in shock.

She knew who Heyman was. He was Avenport’s top neurosurgeon in the eighties.

Heyman was as popular as her mother’s father, Hannick Blackwood. Hannick came from a family of Chinese physicians, and he was the crème de la crème of them all. While they were known for their expertise in TCM in Avenport, the Rockes were experts in Western medicine. Had the two families worked with each other, they would be invincible.

Unfortunately, the Blackwoods had eventually lost their influence in the healthcare industry.

I thought the Rocke family had left the country? I’ve not heard about them for ages,” Sasha asked.

“That’s because you and the Blackwoods were ignorant. The Rocke family had set up a big healthcare corporation overseas, and they have many hospitals all over the world,” he explained. “And Roxanne is one of the persons who manages the corporation.”

“Meanwhile, the Blackwoods…” he let out a mirthless laugh.

Sasha gritted her teeth. When will he stop humiliating me?

Sebastian’s remark triggered Sasha, especially when she thought of how miserable Jackson was. Yet, what he said was true.

Once, the Rocke family and the Blackwoods were the most prominent families in the city. While the former continued to thrive, the latter had lost everything they owned, including a roof over their heads.

What else could she say to refute Sebastian? She could only feel sorry for the Blackwoods, especially Xenia.

Sasha’s eyes darkened.

“Are you done with your questions?” Sebastian suddenly asked and got her out of a trance.

Sasha looked at him and froze right there.

“Are you just gonna stand there for the entire night?” The man had finally lost his patience.

His tyrannical voice sent chills down Sasha’s spine.

“Yeah… I’ll sleep now.” Sasha then turned around and was ready to return to her bed.

Suddenly, the man grabbed her by the shoulder.

Before Sasha could react, Sebastian picked up her up and carried her in his muscular arms!

The unexpected move caused Sasha to let out a scream as she was dumbstruck with fear.

Her eyes widened as she stared at the man and grabbed his collar. “What are you doing?” she asked in a trembling voice.

Her heart was racing so fast that she thought her heart was about to burst out of her chest.

But the man was bothered by how distressed she was. “You expect me to wait for you to crawl slowly to your bed?”

He then carried her to the bed.

What Sebastian did not notice was how her body scent had caused him to speak in an awkward tone.

Even his eyes had darkened.

Damn it!

He immediately pulled himself together and tucked her into bed.

Sasha did not know how to react to his action.

Though her cheeks were all red, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Thank goodness he didn’t do anything crazy.

Just when she thought she could go to sleep in peace, Sebastian turned on the light. She took a glance at the man, who only had a bathrobe on, went to the other side of the bed.


Once again, Sasha was thunderstruck. She tilted her head to his side and stared at him, not knowing what to do.

Wait a second. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Or has he gone mad? Did something possess him? What nonsense is this!

Despite lying in bed, Sasha was so flabbergasted that she could not keep her eyes shut.

“What is wrong with you? Are you not going to sleep?” Sebastian asked.

Once again, Sasha shuddered.

A few seconds later, she asked sheepishly, “Are you… are you going to sleep here?”

A sudden frown warped Sebastian’s face. “Do you have a problem with that?”

Sasha replied, “No, I mean…”

“First of all, this is my bedroom. Where else can I sleep?” he said in a deep and impatient tone. “Secondly, we’re still married. Is it illegal for us to sleep together?”

Upon sensing the impatience in his tone, Sasha kept mum. The room was so quiet that she could hear his breathing clearly.

There was nothing wrong for a married couple to sleep together.

But ever since they got married, they had never shared the same bed before.

Sasha’s body stiffened, and her heart palpitated.

She kept staring at the ceiling in total darkness as she had a hard time trying to sleep.

But perhaps due to the injuries on her body, she eventually got tired and fell asleep an hour later.

When Sasha was finally sound asleep, the man beside her opened his eyes all of a sudden.

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