The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 271

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 271

“Are you sure it’s her? Do you have any proof?”

“Yes.” Sasha took out the USB drive with her manuscripts in it and showed it to Sharon.

“This is the evidence. All the books I wrote and published are inside this USB. The manuscripts Xandra has are exactly the same, even the typos.”

“How sure are you that no one else has seen this before?”

“I’m positive no one else has seen this before. I made a copy for Xenia and brought everything with me before I went abroad, so there’s no way there’s another person aside from her.”

Sharon heaved a sigh and sat like a deflated balloon in front of her. Her face turned pale and the energetic glimmers that used to shine in her eyes were nowhere to be seen.

Sharon was a strong woman.

The Wand family was indebted to her. She was in no way related to the family, but because she married Jackson, she shouldered the burden and pulled the family through the hardest time.

She was a woman of pride and ambition.

For her whole life, she strived to perfect everything she laid her hands on, but everything was left in shreds because of her daughter.

Sasha suddenly felt a pang of guilt and remorse looking at the dispirited woman. She felt she should not have broken this news to her.

“I hope you understand why I’m here, Aunt Sharon. All this began with me, and I will end it.”

After a long time, Sharon lifted her head and looked at Sasha. Her pale lips parted as she tried to find her words.

“What are you planning to do?”

Her broken voice tugged at Sasha’s heartstrings.

She shifted her gaze and looked elsewhere. She could not bear to look at Sharon. “I won’t take her life. I came today just to let you know in advance that if Xenia continues this, I will do everything I can to make her stop.”

Everything you can?

Terror showed on Sharon’s face. “What do you mean? She’s your uncle’s only daughter. Can’t you just forgive her and give her a chance?”

Sharon ultimately sided with her own child in the end.

Shasha did not blame her for that. She was a mother herself, so she could totally understand.

“I did give her a chance. I called her before I came over, but she refuse to admit her fault. Aunt Sharon, you need to recognize the fact that Xenia will pay the price sooner or later. Sebastian and Mr. Hayes Sr. will still deal with her even if I don’t act. They knew I’m the author of that book. Xandra was already in their hands. Do you think they will let Xenia go just like that?”

Sharon’s silence was her concession. She knew what Sasha said was right.

She would rather her daughter end up in Sasha’s hands rather than the Hayes’. She could still beg Sasha to keep it a secret, but not the Hayes.

Sharon closed her eyes as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“What are you gonna do to her? Send her away? Lock her up?”

“I won’t. I’ll just make her lose her memory about this incident,” Sasha pronounced the sentence.

Sharon’s eyes widened like two saucers. Never in her wildest imagination would she expect her niece to say that.

“Make her lose her memory? What does that mean?”

“Meaning I will make her forget about what happened completely. This is the only way I can make sure she will never do this again.”

“Are you crazy?” Sharon yelled, springing from the chair. “Then, she’ll forget everything else too!”

Sasha nodded. “But at least that will save her life.”

Sharon glared at her in fury.

This was not the solution she was expecting from Sasha, but she was at a loss for words to reprimand her.

She would rather have Xenia lose her memory than lose her entirely. She could still make new memories with her child from scratch as long as she was alive.

Sharon slumped back in her chair at the thought.

This was not the Sasha she used to know. Back then, Sharon would readily ask her to go easy on Xenia, but not now.

She wanted to ask why Sasha could not just overlook this mistake just once, but she could not.

Sharon had never felt so helpless before.

“Alright. I will hand her over after new year.”

Sasha nodded again and went downstairs.

She was miserable too.

They were like family to her, in fact, they were her only family. They were the last people on earth she wanted to harm.

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