The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 272

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 272

Unfortunately, Sasha did not have a choice.

She could not just let Xenia harm Sebastian nor let Sebastian go down with her.

Not on my watch!

Sasha got in the car and closed the door beside her. Hot incipient tears in her eyes rolled down her cheeks in streams.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Jackson and Aunt Sharon.”

After some time, Sasha started the engine and got ready to drive off.

A thought came to her mind before she drove away. She wanted to see Dr. Rocke. She wanted to know how she managed to cure Sebastian.

There was also another thing Sasha could not understand. The doctor told her she was a ticking time bomb. What exactly does she mean by that?

Sasha set her GPS for the Rocke residence in Old Town. Just as she started driving, her phone rang.


“Ms. Wand? Could you come home now? The Hayes sent Matteo home just now. He’s not feeling well. It seems like he caught a cold yesterday.”

“What? Matt fell sick?”

Sasha took a sharp U-turn and drove back to Frontier Bay.

When Karl saw this, he gave Sebastian a call. “Mr. Hayes, Ms. Wand is heading home.”

Sebastian was still working at his immaculate office when he got the call. “What happened?”

“She stopped by her uncle’s house for a while before coming out, but she stayed in her car for some time before leaving.”

She stayed in her car? For what?

Don’t tell me the two oldies scolded her because they wanted to save their daughter.

A hard look settled on Sebastian’s face.

“Follow her closely for the next few days. Make sure to report back to me about every single detail. Keep a close eye on Xenia Blackwood too.”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

Karl called his men and relayed the orders.

Sasha sped all the way back to Royal Court One. When she reached home, she was worried sick to see her son frail and pale.

“What happened, Matt? Why did you fall sick all of a sudden?” Sasha carried the boy over from Wendy’s arms the moment she saw him.

She did not even greet Frederick when she saw him.

It was unusual for a healthy boy like Matteo to fall ill.

Matteo was a good baby growing up. Sasha had to take care of him and Vivian, so the boy saw to it that he never made his mother worry. He took good care of himself and was seldom sick, but he looked unusually weak today.

He did not even have the strength to call out to her when he saw her.

“I’m sorry, Mommy.”

Ian came over and apologized when he saw Sasha’s anxious face.

Sasha patted him on his head and comforted him. “It’s not your fault, Ian. Don’t beat yourself to it.”

“Mommy, Matt fell sick after he went to grand-uncle’s place. We won’t go to his place ever again.” Vivian came over and told Sasha.


Sasha’s brows furrowed and she finally remembered Frederick, who had been standing at the side all this while.

The old man held on to his walking stick and cleared his throat. “Everyone was over the moon when the kids came over. They all wanted to take the kids back with them, so I decided to just let them visit Roderick’s place since he’s the oldest among everyone else. They had a good time there but Matteo developed a fever at night. The doctor came over and did a check on him. He probably caught a cold when he was playing at the courtyard in the afternoon.”

This was the first time Frederick talked to her privately after their last encounter. Xandra was around the last time they met, so they did not manage to talk.

After Frederick filled her in on what happened, Sasha nodded her head lightly and brought Matteo upstairs.

Wendy and Tim watched in horror as Sasha and the kids walked away.

They were appalled by her audacity.

Sasha brought Matteo to her room while the children went to get medication and warm water.

“Don’t worry, Matt. I’m here. You’ll be okay, Matt.”


The playful boy was reduced to a sickly boy because of his fever.

It pained Sasha to watch him as he cuddled in her embrace.

She put the boy down in the bed and took his pulse. Much to her confusion, Matteo’s pulse was weak. This was not how it used to be.

This is definitely not a cold. He must have eaten something.

Sasha frowned and took out her acupuncture medical kit so she could treat him.

After some time, Matteo looked better and he could speak again.

“Mommy, I’m hungry.”

“I’ll make you some corn soup.” Sasha was relieved to see Matteo better.

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