The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 275

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 275

“Mmm!” Sasha looked up at him instinctively, glowering at him, but Sebastian had already dipped his head and planted his lips on hers.

Her whole body stiffened.

What is he doing? I told him I mistook him for Vivi!

Everything happened so quickly Sasha was still unable to respond to Sebastian’s sudden entreat.

Little did Sasha know, she was not the one who started this. It was Sebastian who forced a kiss on her last night, not her.

It was true that she hugged him yesterday. Sasha was used to sleeping with the children, so she habitually hugged those sleeping beside her. It was just that the person she hugged turned out to be Sebastian.

Sebastian was a man too. He could not say no when Sasha threw herself on him. After all, she was his wife.

Sebastian closed his eyes and kissed her harder. An irresistible urge overtook him and he caved to his desires.

Everything escalated swiftly and a passionate session ensued. When everything was finally over, Sasha felt like she was broken to tatters.

“Are you tired? What about I help you shower?”

Sebastian was in a good mood after he was satisfied. His voice was gentle and he even offered to help Sasha shower.

Sasha spared him a lethargic look from the corner of her eyes.

No way.

Over my dead body!

The thought of it made her cheeks red again. She pulled up the blanket and hid in it.

“I don’t want to get a shower. Get out. Don’t come in unless I ask you to.”

What? It’s not like it’s our first time!

Sebastian stared at her in disbelief. Since he woke up on the right side of the bed this morning, he did as she said. He got up and changed before heading downstairs.

“Daddy! Good morning! You’re late. We’ve already had breakfast.”

The kids were already playing when Sebastian came down. Matteo’s condition had improved after a night of rest too. He even flashed Sebastian a bright smile when he saw him.

This only made Sebastian more cheerful.

He went over and bent down in front of the boy. “Are you feeling better?” he asked, ruffling his hair.

“I’m fine already. Where is Mommy? Did you take care of Mommy yesterday?”

Sebastian laughed heartily and patted him on his head.

Then, he walked into the kitchen to grab some food. “Morning, Mr. Hayes. Are you going to the office today?”

“No, I’m not. What’s that on the table?”

“Oh, that’s the herbal soup you asked us to make for Ms. Wand. I made some for her today too. Do you want some? There’s extra.”

Sebastian’s expression suddenly became rigid.

“No, I’m fine.”

“Ah, I understand. Ms. Wand needs to take more so she can recover sooner.”

Sebastian got out of the kitchen, not wishing to continue the conversation any further. He was just about to go see the kids when someone came in.

“Hi, Sebastian. I heard you’re on leave today, so I came over. I’ll just do a quick check on you and be off.”

Roxanne saw herself since she was already familiar with the house.

Her chestnut hair flowed gracefully on her brown coat as she walked in. Her sweet smile coupled her elegant outfit perfectly.

She was a woman of every man’s dream.

Sasha, who had just showered and was heading down, was stupefied when she saw her.

“What’s there to check? I’m fine.”

When Sebastian saw it was her, he reacted coldly and walked off toward the garden to look for the children.

Roxanne was already used to his attitude. She followed after him.

“I still have to do it even if you say you don’t need it. I’m your doctor. I came all the way here just to see you, so you’d better cooperate.”

“I didn’t ask you to come.”

“Do you think I want to come? Your dad is the one who called. Come on, stop wasting my time. I still have other things to do.”

Roxanne was getting impatient. She stuck out her hand and pulled Sebastian by his arm.

Sasha was taken aback to find out they were actually that close.

Even Xandra did not dare to touch him.

Jealousy crept all over Sasha as she watched both of them.

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