The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 280

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 280

“Protect me? Sebastian, do you dare say that you didn’t make any contingency plans if she were to flee?”

At Sasha’s accusation, the man finally went silent without any retort.

Well, I naturally did so since it was a great threat to me. I couldn’t possibly do nothing in case she couldn’t handle this matter well, no? And anyhow, I gave her the opportunity to do things her way, didn’t I?

Anger began to bubble within Sebastian. “Yes, you’re right in that I indeed had a contingency plan. However, I already gave you leave to handle the matter, so I wouldn’t interfere before you were done.”

“Who would believe that?”

“What did you just say?” The man’s gaze suddenly turned exceedingly menacing. He almost went ballistic from her distrust and refusal to believe his words. “Why don’t you repeat that, Sasha?”

“Fine by me. The facts are right before our eyes now. Xenia is dead, and she died at the hands of someone affiliated with you. You’ve admitted to it as well, so who else killed her if not you? Also, even if it wasn’t you, it must certainly be someone from the Hayes family. Back then, your father wanted to “eliminate” the only survivor from my family, so he tricked me into marrying you when I was eighteen years old. And after the Emmanuel family’s birthday party, he wanted to confine me to Hayes residence. Is there anything the two of you wouldn’t do? Well? Spit it out, then!” Sasha shrieked hysterically in her car with tears streaming down her face.

In that moment, she truly looked like a lunatic.

After all, she was utterly devastated to the point that she could see no hope anymore.

Meanwhile, Sebastian went entirely mum.

The color drained from his handsome countenance bit by bit. As he stared intently at her complete breakdown, his stoic heart finally started to crumble slowly.

What? She even knows about that? Who told her? No, that’s not important anymore. The thing is, her allegation might be true since my father is definitely the kind of person who has no qualms doing something like that!

“No, Sasha, would you please listen to me first?” He started panicking and yanked at the car door to swing it open so that he could forcefully carry the woman out.

However, Sasha, who was already in a state of total breakdown, lost it completely.

“I hate you, Sebastian Hayes! Look what my life has become because of you! I only wronged you once when I was a child who didn’t know better, yet I’ve been reduced to this sorry state! I ruined the Wand family, and now, I’ve also destroyed the Blackwood family! Why must you do this to me, Sebastian Hayes?”

She seemingly bellowed out his name with all the anguish in the world.

Sebastian’s hands shook, and the panic within him was so intense that he couldn’t quite breathe. He clutched the car door with all his might and beseeched her in a humble voice that he had never once used in his entire life.

“Yes, it’s all my fault. I apologize, so please unlock the car door first, okay? Listen to me.”

He truly started to coax her as though cajoling a child.

Alas, the woman who had waited for him for years on end would never listen to him anymore. Screwing her eyes shut in the car, she then floored the gas pedal.

In the blink of an eye, the car shot away.

“Come back, Sasha Wand!” Sebastian roared at the top of his lungs from the back, his eyes blazing with rage.

Nonetheless, all that greeted him in return was the cloud of exhaust and the swiftly disappearing back of the car.

Right that moment, the woman was truly determined not to give him any quarter.

Meanwhile, when Frederick learned of the news at Hayes residence, he was so shocked that he instantly shot up from the bed.

“Who did you say is dead?”

“It’s Jackson Blackwood’s daughter, Mr. Hayes. His wife, Sharon Goldstein, claimed that she witnessed her daughter dying at the hands of a man sent by Mr. Sebastian. As such, Mr. Sebastian and Ms. Wand are again at odds.”

Tim narrated the entire incident without holding back anything.

After hearing that, Frederick’s expression darkened at once. “Is he a fool? Why did he do such a thing when he wants to live the rest of his life with that girl?”

He was so anxious that he scrambled out of bed to personally make a trip to the hospital.

But at that precise moment, a figure abruptly barged in from outside. When the person reached the door, he kicked it open with a bang regardless of the people trying to hold him back. Then, he stumbled in.

“Frederick Hayes! Come out, Frederick!” the person howled like a beast, shattering the silence of the night.

In no time, everyone in Hayes residence was alerted to the commotion.

Tim’s expression changed as well.

Isn’t that Mr. Sebastian? Why is he suddenly here? Furthermore, he actually showed such disrespect by addressing Mr. Hayes by name? Jeez, has he lost his mind?

Tim immediately rushed over to stop him, but Frederick had already made his way over by then. He was infuriated to hear someone bellowing his name, so he charged over on his cane.

“What are you doing, Sebastian Hayes? Have you gone mad with excessive drinking?”

“You’re saying that I’m mad? That’s my line! Have you gone mad? Why did you kill her? Have you gotten addicted to the thrill of killing? You simply can’t rest easy without having someone dying at your hands every day, huh?”

The man whose eyes were bloodshot seemed a tad manic. He pounced and grabbed Frederick by the collar before roaring, his face pale.

His appearance right then was horrifying, to say the least.

Discerning that something was amiss, Frederick promptly grabbed his wrist. “Who did I kill? Get ahold of yourself, Sebastian! What on earth are you saying?”

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