The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 284

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 284

Sebastian was speechless.

There was a moment when he felt like something had knocked his head hard. He stared at the carrots that were put aside, and for a long while, he couldn’t find the right words to say.

Vivian saw that he was acting weird, so she tilted her tiny head up and asked in her baby voice, “Uncle Sebastian, what’s wrong?”

Sebastian felt a bomb going off in his mind again.

It took him a long while before he heard himself ask, “Why did you put the carrots aside? Do you not like them?”

Vivian’s tiny head nodded before she claimed, “You’re right. I don’t like them. Mommy said that carrots are nutritious and told me to have more, but you have no idea how bad they taste.”

Sebastian was speechless once again.

Of course, he knew that those things taste horrible. He didn’t like carrots either.

Sebastian’s fingers trembled. He felt like a bomb had gone off inside his chest, and his expression froze over as he stared at the tiny mountain of shredded carrots.

Wild emotions swirled around in his eyes.

His emotions were spiraling so quick and so out of control that even a tornado would be envious.

In the end, the father-daughter duo didn’t finish their breakfast together because the guy was too excited. He hugged the kid and took her to the hospital again.

He went straight to the relevant department to do a paternity test.

Sasha was already on the ship that would take her to a faraway country.

She was well aware of that, and that was why she was practically up all night in her cabin. She had been sitting there like a statue and had been staring blankly at the dark waters outside her window.

That “statue” remained stuck until the sun rose from the east and illuminated the sea. A silhouette entered the room with a bag.

“D-did you not sleep the entire night? What the hell? Are you okay?”

The first thing the visitor noticed was that Sasha had not moved a muscle since he left her alone the night before. The bed remained untouched as it sat at the side, and seeing that got the man’s pretty face to light up with anger.

Yep, the man in question was Brandon.

Sasha remained motionless. Perhaps it was because she had been staring out the window for too long, but she didn’t even bother turning around.

It’ll only hurt if I try to move or turn around.

Brandon was so angry that he was on the verge of going nuts. He had no choice but to toss aside the stuffs he brought along with him. After that, he went and got a basin of warm water for Sasha.

“Come on, stop staring already! You’ve already decided to let go of everything, so don’t think about it anymore. I know Sebastian well. He may be cruel, but he will never hurt his kids.”

Sasha didn’t reply.

“Think about it. You have your own goals and purpose now. You have to get the Wand family back to the top and pay the Blackwood family back, so you shouldn’t think about anything else. Instead, you should pick yourself up.”

Brandon was patient as he tried to convince Sasha to get back up on her feet.

Fortunately, the last bit of his words got through to her. Sasha’s dry lips quivered. She had been motionless for an entire night, but she finally turned around slowly.

“You are right. I need to pick myself back up and make up for my past mistake,” murmured Sasha, before she grabbed the food from the table and shoved it into her mouth.

Brandon was also worried when he saw her like that. He reminded, “Hey, calm down… and slow down.”

Someday, I will die of worry because of this woman!

Fortunately, Sasha became much more energetic after she had her breakfast, and she started behaving like a normal person again.

“Remember the money I loan from you earlier? Have you handed the money to my uncle?”

“Yes, I did. I even followed your weird request and pretended that the money was a loan from an old family friend of the Wand family,” replied Brandon in an irritated tone.

He was truly annoyed when he delivered the money to the Blackwood residence. Sasha was the one who requested the loan because she wanted to help Jackson pull through that tough time.

However, she worried that Jackson would refuse to accept the money from her, so she had no choice but to make all that arrangements.


Sasha turned pale again. It took her some time before she continued, “What about my other request? Have you found any other members of the Wand family?”

Brandon nodded again and replied, “Yeah, but there are only few members around. I looked for days, but the only person I can find is your cousin from your father’s side.”

“Yeah, there’s not many members of the Wand family around,” replied Sasha.

Sorrow and grief donned her pale face as she parted her lips and spoke earlier.

I guess that makes sense. If we had more family members, it would not have been that difficult for us to find someone to help us out when we were in trouble.

Our legacy would not end so badly if we had just a little more people in our network.

Sasha looked out the window again. Perhaps it was because Brandon informed Sasha that he had found someone, but Sasha’s gaze was no longer as blank as it used to be.

Her eyes glowed with just a little more hope and a tad more persistence.

Two days later, Sasha arrived at Clear, and with the help of her friend, Willow, Sasha emerged once more as a new person. She even broke into the finance industry.

However, she didn’t expect to bump into someone she knew on the very first day she joined Willow to attend a banquet hosted for those in the finance industry. I can’t believe I bumped into Solomon, who I have not seen in ages!

“Nancy, what a coincidence. Are you back for good? Why didn’t you tell me about it? I actually thought you are still in Avenport.”

Solomon still had the same glasses on, even though he had changed his style and was wearing a tuxedo. The expression on his handsome face changed when he saw Sasha there, and his gaze rippled with a sweet emotion. He immediately left the date he took to the party and approached Sasha and Willow.

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