The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 289

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 289

Sebastian’s tone was extremely vicious, and his expression was grouchier than anyone had ever seen.

Brandon knew nothing about stocks and investment, but seeing Sebastian’s expression still scared Brandon.

“W-what does that mean? Is it still difficult for her to venture into the field even though she is skilled?”

“What do you think?”

Sebastian, who had reached the epitome of his anger, scoffed aloud.

Brandon became quiet.

He honestly knew nothing about finance, but his cousin, the man standing right in front of him, managed Hayes Corporation’s matters daily. He defeated countless brokers and experts, so he must know a lot about it.

Many claimed that investment was a tool to help others grow and manage their wealth.

The truth was that investment was just a way of profiting off of other’s misfortune. Those with the analytical skills would often try to sneak into legitimate, large-scale corporations. Once they were on the inside, they would milk the corporation dry.

That was why there were special departments within most large-scale companies. These departments’ primary task was to keep those parasites away from the company.

A multinational corporation like Hayes Corporation attracted many parasites, and they had to deal with every single one of them.

Brandon didn’t know what Sebastian was really talking about, but the latter’s expression was too serious. Hence, he said, “You don’t need to worry that much either. Last night, we went to a party hosted for workers in the finance industry. Sasha was pretty lucky and found someone she could work with.”

“Who did she find?”

“I think his name is Andy Rind. Do you know the guy?”

“Andy Rind?” blurted Sebastian. His expression turned even worse, and his gaze became icier than it initially was.

“Andy Rind? She actually knows the guy? Who introduced him to her?”

“A lawyer named Solomon. W-what is up with you this time? Why do you look like you want to kill someone? Is it a trick? Is she in danger?” asked Brandon, who couldn’t stop worrying upon seeing Sebastian’s expression.

However, Sebastian didn’t reply. At that moment, his expression could only be described as nerve-wrecking. He is so scary, thought Brandon.

Andy Rind was actually the biggest player in Wall Street.

He didn’t play by the rules, though. Instead, he hired countless subordinates to manipulate the share prices from behind the scenes. He truly was a monster in that field.

Andy even made Hayes Corporation suffer a sizeable loss when Frederick was still the person-in-charge.

Yet, that woman got acquainted with him.

Solomon George! He definitely knows all about that past.

Back in Avenport, I almost destroyed Sasha because of what he did.

I thought he has accepted his defeat and left with his head down. Who would’ve thought that he ended up hiding here? Did that woman get in touch with him before she came over?

Sebastian was uncomfortable when he heard about how someone else was helping the love of his life. Hearing that name exacerbated that feeling, and his expression could only be described as catastrophic.

Crack! The coffee mug Sebastian held in his hand cracked under the force of his grip.

Seeing that got Brandon to jump in fear. He asked, “What the hell? You’re not going to kill him or anything, right?”

Surprisingly, Brandon knew his cousin quite well.

Sebastian tossed an evil glare over and asked, “Am I not allowed to do so?”


Brandon almost fell from his chair.

“Of course not! Did you hit your head or something? Have you gone nuts? Do you think Sasha will ever forgive you if you kill him? She’ll flip out and come murder you herself!”

Those words were too impactful, and Sebastian practically reacted to it in an instant. He stared at Brandon and felt something stuck in his throat and chest.

She would kill me for that stupid, good-for-nothing Solomon George?

Sebastian felt that someone had mercilessly stabbed his heart. He didn’t want to admit it, but given the situation at that time, it was likely that Brandon was right.

It doesn’t even matter if we had just slept together last night.

Hopelessness washed over Sebastian like an angry tsunami and overwhelmed him. The all-powerful man’s fingers actually trembled slightly in fear upon coming to that conclusion.

He had never felt that powerless before.

“I understand that you are worried, but you shouldn’t act impulsively, unless you want Sasha to cut all ties with you. You’re a smart guy. Is there really no other way to solve the matter?” advised Brandon, whose heart softened at the end of the day.

Sebastian remained quiet for a long time.

He sat there until Sasha called Brandon to ask if he had already picked Lance up.

Brandon replied, “I’ll be there soon. I’m on my way over now, and I’ll call you once I pick him up. By the way, do you know what your cousin looks like? If so, please send me a photo,” said Brandon to get Sasha to send him a photo.

Sebastian, who had been sitting idly at the side, suddenly reacted upon hearing a particular word. His eyes glowed.

“Cousin?” asked Sebastian after Brandon had hung up.

As Brandon packed up, he answered, “We were talking about her uncle’s son. The boy’s name is Lance, and she wants to train him, so that they could rebuild the Wand family together.”

Sebastian didn’t comment.

That… is actually a pretty good idea.

Trustworthy aides are essential for the success of a family business, and family members are, no doubt, the best choice.

Training… does that mean he will be staying by her side 24/7?

The hopeless and grouchy man that had been sitting at the side suddenly became inspired. His gaze brightened.

“You don’t need to go pick him up anymore. I’ll do it.”

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