The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 290

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 290

“Huh?” blurted Brandon as his beautiful eyes instantly bulged. He asked, “You’re going to go pick the guy up? W-what are you planning to do?”

“I want to meet him and see if he is worthy of rebuilding and being a successor to the Wand family’s legacy.”

The man, who had regained his composure, left Brandon with a simple answer.

Naturally, Brandon wouldn’t keep asking after hearing what Sebastian said.

This cousin of mine might be an idiot sometimes, but he is rather good at judging a person.

Sasha waited for three long hours before she met her cousin.

She was infuriated when she did.

“What the hell, Brandon? Why did it take you so long to go pick him up? I thought that something had happened, and I got so worried!”

Brandon’s scalp went tingly.

He saw how angry she was and knew that there was no other way out, so he confessed, “I ran into Sebastian. That assh*le actually managed to track us all the way here. You don’t have to worry, though. He left, and I never told him that you are here.”

Sasha was speechless.

She stared at the man in front of her and was at a total loss of words.

That scum found me ages ago and even spent the night torturing me. Is Brandon really so innocent that he actually thinks his shutting up would p*prevent Sebastian from locating me?

Sasha simply didn’t know how to respond to that.

The two of them were at an impasse when Lance walked over timidly and asked, “Uh, Sha, where should I put my luggage?”

“Oh, that? Just hand it over to Willow. That reminds me. You must be hungry now. We’ve already made lunch, so I’ll get it for you now, okay?”

Hearing her cousin call out to her made Sasha sniffle a little. Her attention was shifted to her cousin right away.

The tall young man was still innocent because he hadn’t worked or set foot in the corporate world yet. How did he behave?

Well, he was obedient and listened to Sasha. As requested, he went to wash his hands before having his lunch.

Willow praised the guy when she saw how he acted. She commented, “He’s a good kid.”

That got Sasha even happier.

Her uncle was actually on pretty good terms with her immediate family. Sasha remembered how when she was still living in her family home, he used to drop by to help them out a lot.

Sasha didn’t go back to her own place that night.

She worried that she would see Sebastian there again and end up being badgered for the entire night. Hence, she used her cousin as an excuse and shamelessly stayed the night at Willow’s place.

What Sasha didn’t realize, however, was that no one was actually staying in her place that night.

A week later, Solomon finally convinced Sasha to follow him over to Moranta to meet Andy.

Sasha actually knew about Andy. She might’ve only helped the Leonard family out back in the days as a favor, but she was extremely sensitive about financial news. Her instinct would prompt her to pay attention to the happenings within the industry.

That was why she knew about Andy Rind of Wall Street.

She knew that he was a Wall Street titan, and she was aware that he only recruit talented people like her to make them work for his own benefit. However, what they actually do behind the scenes? Sasha was smart, and she could guess it right away.

However, none of that mattered to her.

After the incident with the Leonard family, her alias, Nancy, was practically blacklisted in the finance industry.

That was why the only way she could make it big was to align herself with someone like Andy.

Sasha brought Lance along.

At first, she planned on taking Brandon and Willow along as well, but Brandon needed to go shoot a movie, so he left. Similarly, Willow had to clock in, so she couldn’t make it either. Hence, only the cousins went over.

“Nancy, would you like the window seat? If I remember correctly, you get a little airsick.”


Sasha was about to take a seat when she suddenly heard Solomon offering to switch seats. She couldn’t help feeling a little touched because she tended to get airsick.

That was when Lance, who had been following them around, asked timidly and suddenly, “Sha, c-can I sit next to you? I’m a little acrophobic.”

“Oh, I see. No problem. Just sit next to me.”

Sasha was quick to change her mind and took her cousin to go sit in the middle aisle where the two of them could sit together.

Solomon was about to earn some brownie points, so at that moment, he looked grouchy.

It didn’t take long before he regained his footing, though. He knew that the young man was Sasha’s cousin, so there was no need for Solomon to feel threatened.

The group reached Moranta soon after.

Solomon might just be a lawyer, but his network was still pretty incredible. It wasn’t convenient to go to Andy’s place, which was secluded, so Solomon took everyone to a friend’s house instead.

“Don’t worry, guys. My friend is a businessman, and he knows many people from Wall Street. It will be much more convenient to go to Andy’s place if we are staying in my friend’s house.”


Sasha didn’t really mind, so she was quick to agree to Solomon’s suggestion.

Lance followed along obediently after Sasha agreed to it.

However, when the cousins reached the place, Sasha worried about Lance because he couldn’t speak the language. She thought it would be difficult for him to communicate with others, so she had him stay in the room right beside hers.

The abandoned Solomon didn’t know what to say.

“Thanks, Solomon. Should I help you carry your luggage? I am very strong.”

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