The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 291

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 291

Lance was a good kid. When he saw Solomon, who had been helping them, stand there idly, he immediately rushed over to help him with the luggage.

Solomon gritted his teeth, but he managed to swallow his fury in the end.

“It’s fine. I can carry the bag myself. Lennie, I have to go to Mr. Rind’s place with your cousin tomorrow. Will you be okay with staying here a little and rest?”

“Sure, Solomon. Please take care of Sha in my place.”

Lance sweetly agreed to it after hearing that suggestion.

Solomon grinned in satisfaction after hearing that. He took his luggage and went to his room.

I was worried that the kid would want to tag along. Andy is not an ordinary guy, and he will surely be upset if I bring that many people over.

The most important bit, however, was that Solomon wanted to spend some alone time with the lady. He had been waiting and planning for so long, so how could he ever let that opportunity slip out of his hands?

That night, all three of them slept well.

The next morning.

As expected, Solomon saw that Sasha was up early and was helping the lady of the house with making breakfast. The two women were mingling well together.

“Nancy, you’re up early,” commented Solomon.

He was delighted to see that scene, so he headed over to the dining table right away.

Sasha grinned at him. She replied, “Yeah, we’re going to visit Mr. Rind today, right? That’s why I got up early. Have you freshened up? If so, come and have breakfast.”

“Okay, coming,” said Solomon. His eyes were brimming with happiness as he walked over and pulled out a chair to sit down.

He thought that Sasha would sit down and have breakfast with him as well, but she suddenly put her cutlery down. She stared impatiently at the room on the second floor.

“Why hasn’t Lance come for breakfast? It’s late.”

“Huh?” blurted Solomon. His expression shifted a little before he said, “Maybe he’s still sleeping? How about we count him out today? We’ll drop by Mr. Rind’s place first, and we’ll take Lance with us after we become a part of Wall Street.”

“No, that won’t do. Mr. Rind is an important and powerful figure, so I must take Lance along. That way, Lance can learn more from the side.”

After saying her piece, Sasha walked to the stairs and shouted toward the room. She said, “It’s time to wake up, Lance. We’re going out after we have our breakfast.”

Solomon was completely speechless.

He had just taken a bite of his toast, and hearing those words almost made him choke on it.

Darn it, I just can’t catch a break!

In the end, all three of them left the house together.

Perhaps it was because it was the first time Lance met a powerful figure, but the young recent graduate showed signs of being under tremendous stress. He kept holding on to his cousin the entire way over.

“Don’t worry. There’s a first time for everything. You’ve already decided to fight along my side, so be brave, okay?”


The young man actually had a great voice when he tried to stay calm like that. He sounded like an adult and had a deep, magnetic voice that could swoon young ladies.

Solomon was in the front seat and driving the car. He was ever so jealous, but there was absolutely nothing he could do.

The three of them reached the house of the renowned Wall Street titan, Andy Rind, soon after.

That was a villa that was several times more luxurious than Raymond’s place. It had Erihalian designs. Gold-trimmed roses donned the entire corridor, and exquisite plants filled the front lawn.

Sasha had expected the man to be rich, but she was still flabbergasted when she saw how luxurious his place was.

“Hi, we are here to visit Mr. Rind.”

Solomon became more respectful when he came. He handed over his name card as well as a token that Andy entrusted him with some time ago. Solomon watched as the bodyguard had the token delivered over.

Sasha suddenly became suspicious when she saw that from the other side.

“Solomon, how did you know Mr. Rind? Aren’t you a lawyer?”

“Huh?” blurted the man. His expression shifted slightly before he answered, “Oh, it is because of that that I know him.”


“Yeah, that is a little confusing. Let me explain. I have a friend who hired me to handle a finance-related case some time ago, and that case got me a little famous. That is how I ended up meeting Mr. Rind.”

After regaining his composure, Solomon spoke calmly, like he was sharing the simplest story of all times.

Sasha finally understood what was going on.

That makes sense. There are a lot of financial dispute cases.

The three of them waited for about ten minutes before the bodyguard returned and informed, “Okay, you may all enter now. Andy is waiting for you in the garden.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Solomon was instantly thankful.

He took Sasha and Lance into the house.

That was when Sasha saw that the place was so luxurious that it was practically impossible to describe. She even noticed that the pebbles on the floor were not ordinary rocks.

They’re glittering a little… almost like they’re crystals. Holy cr*p! Yep, investment is definitely the way to make money.

Upon seeing everything, Sasha became more certain of her future path.

They walked for another ten minutes or so before they finally saw a place that resembled a garden. Sasha was delighted and was about to pick up her pace when she suddenly heard a dog barking. Woof! Woof!

He has a dog?

Sasha immediately got scared.

She instinctively turned around, but to her surprise, a silhouette dashed over as quickly as lightning.

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