The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 294

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 294

F*ck, this is too cool!

Andy became excited on the spot, and he sprang up before saying, “Ms. Nancy, you have truly impressed me. Now, I have no doubt about your skills. Do you know how much money they lost today?”

Sasha grinned calmly and answered, “Given the initial share price, they probably lost over a billion today.”

“Yes, that is exactly right. They lost a billion today! Ms. Nancy, you really are something else. You are even more powerful than I was when I was younger. I will definitely work with you!”

The Wall Street titan stumbled upon a rare talent, and he was so happy that he immediately agreed to let Sasha join their ranks.

Sasha secretly sighed a breath of relief after hearing all that.

Finally, I got in.

After that, Sasha was officially invited into the villa where Andy threw her a grand welcoming party.

He even invited all of his partners to the party.

Naturally, those were people who controlled the finance industry from behind the scenes, so there were more than fifty people in that room.

“What’s wrong, Sha? You don’t seem happy.”

Sasha had a glass of wine with her and was exchanging pleasantries with the others. She later bumped into Lance, who had walked over to check how she was doing.

Sasha frowned at that moment and replied, “I’m waiting for some news.”

“What news?”

“I’m waiting for news from Hayes Corporation. I made them lose a fortune today, so why didn’t they do anything?”

Lance was stunned. He asked, “Sha, do you want them to react to it? But… that won’t benefit us at all. If the authorities discovered the truth and come knocking, Andy will have to pay double of what he earned. He might even have to go to jail. What shall we do then?”

Sasha didn’t reply.

She was conflicted and didn’t know what she should say.

Lance was right. They would not benefit at all if Andy were to fall.

So why am I thinking about all this? Am I still hung up on that guy even after everything we’ve been through?

No, that can’t be! Haven’t I suffered enough? Haven’t I given enough? What is a mere billion compared to that? I shouldn’t even frown if he goes bankrupt and dies in a sea of debt!

Sasha calmed down quickly when she thought of that.

It didn’t take long before Solomon headed over to introduce her to the others and build a rapport. She had her glass of wine with her before she followed him along.

Lance stood there quietly and just stared at her.

No one noticed that when the lady turned around, the young man’s gaze turned grim suddenly. He stared at the woman as his dark brown eyes glowed with an icy aura.

It only lasted for a brief moment, but it was obvious.

That night, Sasha went back drunk. When she was taken to her room, she saw her debtor sitting inside with his legs crossed. I did something bad today, so is this karma? F*ck!

Sasha was so scared that she fell onto the floor.

This has to be my imagination!

She reached for her forehead and wiped the cold sweat. She told herself that she must be hallucinating. Yes, I had too much to drink earlier, so I must be seeing things.

However, just as she was going to get up, she saw the man in the leather shoe walking towards her.

“Did you have fun today?”


“You made a billion today, so are you in a good mood?”

The man hovered over her, and it was as if he was a tall tower that was casting a shadow over her. The darkness could swallow her whole, and it was terrifying.

Sasha moved back a little. Her drunken, red face had turned pale from the fear. She said, “I-I didn’t mean to harm your company. I had no choice because I had to get in.”



Sasha had more to say, but the man suddenly picked her up from the floor and pulled her into his embrace.

Sasha couldn’t speak.

“Go on and finish the story. Why did you suddenly stop? What happened after that?”

The man finally got her in his arms, and his handsome face was inches from hers. The only thing between them at the moment was his warm breath and an aura so strong and domineering that it could consume everything.

Sasha became even more at a loss for words.

She was stuck in the man’s arms, and her heart was beating wildly. The effect of alcohol and his ridiculously handsome face finally got her to lose the last shred of sanity inside her.

“T-then I waited for you to come and nab me. Why didn’t you do so?”

“Nab you?”

“That’s right. I have avenged you. He bullied you, so I made him pay you back!”

She must be really drunk. Why else would she wave her tiny fists in front of me and claim that she was avenging me? Sasha’s eyes shone with innocence at that moment.

She was also not as harsh nor as distant as she was when she was sober.

Sebastian’s heart melted and his mind went fuzzy.

He ignored everything and pulled her closer to him. Soft kisses rained down on her before anyone knew it.

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