The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 296

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 296

Together, Sasha and Lance headed out to look for Andy.

When they arrived at his house, they saw several familiar faces from the party last night, waiting in the front yard.

“It seems like something big is going to happen,” Sasha muttered to Lance, who was standing beside her.

He nodded in agreement.

Instead of speaking his mind as usual, he stood behind her politely.

Before Sasha could question his odd behaviour, she heard someone calling her. ”Ms. Nancy, you are here! Please join us.” The guests enthusiastically gestured for her to go over.

Being from the finance industry and under Andy’s wing, they naturally formed a group when they saw each other.

Sasha walked towards them and politely greeted, “Have you waited long?”

“No. We just arrived.” One of them shook their head before he suddenly probed, “By the way, Nancy, do you know which project we will be working on this time?”

Unfortunately, Sasha was unaware. Even if Andy held her in high-esteem, he would never reveal such information to her.

She shook her head in response. “No, I haven’t. Do all of you know?”

With a mysterious smile, a man by the name of Pete chuckled. “A little. Do you know about Sky Precision in Jetroina?”


The moment Sasha heard it, she felt her throat going dry.

Of course, she knew about Sky Precision. It was the top precision manufacturing company in the world that dabbled in machinery, digital electronics, and anything related to technology.

Andy is quite something. He asked me to make a move on Hayes Corporation, and today he wants to zoom in on Jetroina.

He is insane!

One person gasped, “Woah, Sky Precision? That’s great! If we seal the deal successfully with such this major client, we will rake in at least fifty million in revenue, right?”

“Of course!”

Everyone was getting excited by the prospect.

A vast company like Sky Precision had a diverse variety of portfolio. With the opportunity to earn more, they were overjoyed.

Sasha stood there thinking about how much sense it made. If the project became official, she would be more than happy to be part of it.

Andy finally came out ten minutes later. Dressed in a leather suit, he also donned a top hat and a pair of leather shoes. Immediately, he requested for his assistant to distribute a laptop to each guest.

“Hello everybody, I shall go straight to the point. Today, we have a project with Sky Precision. You can look through your duties after you receive your laptops like always.”

“It is really Sky Precision…”

The crowd started buzzing among themselves after his announcement.

Since they had to turn on the laptop to look through their responsibilities, Sasha passed her bag to Lance when she received hers.

Then she sat down in an empty chair to open it up.


“Yes, Nancy. It is the first time you are participating in a project, so this is an opportunity for you to dip your toes in the water first. We have gold futures. Based on Sky Precision’s needs, we could trade on futures since they have substantial capital.”

Andy explained when he walked over and saw the disappointment written across Sasha’s face.

Sasha bit the inside of her cheeks.

Futures are not physical goods. They are derivative contracts involving financial products, such as bonds or stocks. A buy will receive the purchase only at a later date.

This old fox is being wary of me.

“It looks like we can’t make much money this time. Why are we buying into this? It is not a long-term investment or a specific stipulation from Sky Precision?”

She could not help but burst out when she spotted Andy.

Meanwhile, Lance was silent the entire time.

In fact, he stared blankly at the two as though he did not understand the conversation at all.

Sasha felt worse when she saw his expression.

“Why aren’t you saying a word? Don’t you understand these terms as a finance student? Last night, you were so eloquent with your analysis on how Hayes Corporation would threaten our foothold.”

Her cousin faltered for a split second before he finally forced himself to speak up. “I… was only afraid… to affect your judgement.”

“There is no need to be scared. We are family; we can discuss anything when we encounter difficulties. It’s perfectly okay even if you say something wrong,” Sasha chided.

A long while later, Lance finally nodded stiffly and whipped out his phone.

With the project details settled, everyone headed off to take care of their respective duties. Sasha finally had her chance to work as an official Wall Street financial trader after much difficulty.

By the time Sebastian got to his office, it was late.

Yet, the top level of his company was still brightly lit as his employees heard he would be returning. There were also several people waiting in the meeting room.

They looked like they were preparing for a trial.

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