The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 298

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 298

Sebastian had been suspicious of how Frederick acted around Sasha for a while, especially with the history of his outrageous actions.

Looking at his father’s reaction, he felt more defensive.

“No, she wants to revive the Wand family, and I helped to pave the way.”

“Really?” Frederick seemed surprised. “That is good. If the Wand family manage to stand up on their feet again, she might not hate us as much as before.”

That was apt. What were we hoping for, anyway? We have to make up for our past mistakes by helping the Wand family so that Sasha will return.

After all, the three children need their mother.

By the time Sebastian returned to Royal Court One, the three children were asleep. Instinctively, he went to his daughter’s room to see the sweetheart he got back recently.

After the paternal test, he realized this child was his. It only made him feel more guilty.

The woman was with his child under his nose for almost six months. Unfortunately, he did not know the truth and even used the child to humiliate her at that time.

A man as blind as me doesn’t deserve to be a father at all.

Sitting on the child’s pink bed, he watched his daughter sleep peacefully under her covers. He could not help but bend down to leave a kiss on her cute, chubby cheek.

“Mommy, are you back?”

The little girl sleepily mumbled when she felt the kiss on her cheek.

It had been a month since she last saw her mother.

Suddenly, Sebastian felt suffocated as he recalled the events in Clear. In the small dark yard, the words that the lady left rang in his ears. “I don’t want her. She is all yours!”

It was a stab to his heart. Even breathing was painful.

Sasha, what will it take for you to return? Don’t you know how much the children miss you?

“Daddy, are you back?”

A small figure appeared by the bedroom door. His voice jolted Sebastian out of his painful memory.

The little boy stood at the entrance when he spotted his father, looking smaller than ever. His sad expression was void of the mischief that usually hung on his face.

Sebastian regained his senses. He immediately calmed himself down and suppressed the tears that were about to spill.

“Yes, I’m home. Matt, why are you still awake? Come over here.” Opening his arms, he gestured for his child to walk to him for a hug.

Matteo obediently shuffled to him.

Without hesitation, he threw himself into his father’s embrace and allowed the sturdy arms to circle him. At that moment, he felt protected and warm.

He did not only have a mother, but he also had a father. It was a long time ago since the three of them last spent time together.

Comfortably leaning on the older man’s arm, Matteo whispered, “Daddy, were you looking for Mommy?”

It caught Sebastian by surprise.

How did he know?

“I know you are looking for Mommy. I’m sure you won’t abandon her, right?”

“Of course,” Sebastian replied in a solemn tone.

Still wrapped in the hug, his son smiled.

Afterwards, Matteo fished out something from the pocket of his pyjamas and handed it to his father.

“This is for you. It is a list of places where Mommy lived with her friends abroad over the years. You must work hard to bring her back. Otherwise, you will be a widower.”

“Widower?” Sebastian froze.

“It is a term for old men who lost their wives but still carry the burden of looking after their children. It will be difficult for you to remarry,” Matteo explained as he saw how bewildered his father looked.

Sebastian’s face fell.

How am I old?

I am not even thirty years old.

Also, why would it be difficult for me to remarry? If my wife leaves, I can definitely look for another woman to replace her.

Given my wealth and looks, I’m sure there will be plenty of women out there who will be more than willing to throw themselves at me.

Sebastian was unhappy with how his son termed him.

The sensible boy continued to analyze things for him. “Well, you do have the money and looks. I’m sure there will be many ladies waiting in line to be our stepmother. However, have you thought about how things will work once you remarry? Don’t you think the relationship between our stepmother and us and her in-laws will be a bother?”

Sebastian remained silent.

After a few seconds, he realized his child was right.

Who the hell told him such things?

Over the next few days, Sebastian was occupied with the company’s affairs. The shareholders obediently retreated to their homes without stirring more trouble after his return.

Everyone but Patrick Young.

“Patrick Young, I have already asked the company’s securities department. They found out that the transaction regarding a large number of shares was closed overseas. Given our ability, it is impossible to track who was responsible for it. We have already reported the information to the banking regulators.”

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