The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 301

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 301

Finally, the three set off to meet the person in charge of the Jetroina Sky Precision project.

Solomon and Sasha took the lead for this meeting while Lance trailed behind them.

“Nancy, I found out that guy is staying in Hilton hotel, so I think it would be best for us to try to meet him there. If we were to meet him at Wall Street, Andy and his men may see us.”

“Sure!” Sasha agreed readily.

Thirty minutes later, they arrived at Hilton hotel.

Her mind was engrossed in her proposals for the other party. When the car stopped, she absent-mindedly got out and headed into the hotel.

Lance was about to follow when Solomon said, “Lance, why don’t you wait for us in the lobby? Your cousin and I are going to meet a client, so it may not be convenient for you to come with us.”

“What is so inconvenient about that? I came to assist her in that too.” The college boy retorted coldly as he alighted from the car, totally ignoring Solomon’s request.

The latter was furious at being given the cold shoulder. He felt Lance was getting in the way and secretly vowed to get rid of him.

He quickly got out of the car to catch up with the Wands, but Lance was already clinging on closely to Sasha.

“Sha, what are we going to discuss later?”

“I was thinking of making a deal with bonds.”

“Bonds? Do you have any?” Lance’s gorgeous eyes widened in surprise.

“Yes, from the Leonard family. When I worked with them previously, I asked for bonds instead of commission. Now that their business is doing well, I assume the bonds are worth quite a bit now. Also, if I am not wrong, they would be useful for Sky Precision if the company wishes to establish itself here,” Sasha casually explained.

Lance was silenced and in awe of her foresight. Few could read the volatile financial markets well like her.

The trio went into the elevator and proceeded to the top floor, where they finally met the Jetronian in charge of Sky Precision.

“How are you, Mr. Hashimoto? I am Solomon, a friend of Mr. Matsushima.”

“Come on in.” The response from Hashimoto was lukewarm, so he probably was not well acquainted with Matsushima.

Solomon was a little embarrassed, but thankfully, Sasha did not read much into it. When Hashimoto allowed their entry, she immediately entered with Lance.

“Greetings, Mr. Hashimoto! I wonder if you still remember me? I was with Mr. Andy Rind when we met at Wall Street not too long ago.”

“Oh, it’s you!” He remembered her.

However, he added puzzledly, “What is the purpose of your visit today? Mr. Rind did not inform me about this meeting.”

Not surprisingly, he only recognized Andy as his business partner.

Solomon was about to speak up for Sasha when she strode over to Hashimoto confidently. “I am not representing Mr. Rind today. I came to meet you on my own.”

“On your own?”

“Yes. I wonder if you have heard about the Leonard family that nearly went into bankruptcy some years back.” She started her sales pitch.

As she had expected, her speech incited an enthusiastic response from the Jetroinian.

“Of course! The fact that they made a comeback was headline news back then.”

“Yes, and what I would like to share with you is that I was the one who helped them make that comeback, Mr. Hashimoto.” Sasha smilingly introduced herself and presented some evidence to prove her case.

Hashimoto’s eyes widened in astonishment when he saw the documented proof.

He could not believe the young lady in front of him could help the Leonard family out of that major crisis.

For the longest time, he stood there speechless, looking at the proof, then at Sasha.

It was understandable he had difficulty associating a young lady like her with such a feat.

Sasha gave him a big smile and added, “You don’t believe me, do you, Mr. Hashimoto? Then let me tell you something else. The recent crash of stock price for Hayes Corporation was also my work.”

That revelation stunned both Hashimoto and Solomon, and Lance’s eyes twitched at that shocking news.

What an impressive woman!a

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