The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 302

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 302

The Jetroinian finally believed Sasha, and they sat down for a serious discussion.

As expected, he was very keen on the Leonard bonds and readily agreed to buy them over at more than double the market rate that was almost ten million.

It was pure net profit for Sasha because she did not pay a single cent for those bonds.

They immediately prepared a contract for the deal to her elation.


At that crucial moment, a heavily tattooed middle-aged man wearing a thick gold chain kicked the door to the suite open.

It was Andy.

Everyone in the room was flustered, especially Solomon, since he was the one who proposed going behind Andy’s back.

“Well done, Nancy! Why did you not share the good news that you closed a major deal with Mr. Hashimoto?”

“Mr. Rind, I…”

“Mr. Rind, it is my fault. I knew she was in need of the money, so I came up with this idea. Hope you can forgive her on my account.” Solomon stood in front of Sasha to take the blame.

Andy was polite when he asked Solomon for help to recruit Sasha, but that changed when he showed his true, arrogant self to Solomon.

“On your account? Mr. George, I have yet to blame you for introducing such an undesirable character to me. Now you have the cheek to ask me to forgive her on your account? How much is your account worth? Oh, sure, I will do that if you hand over the contract she just signed to me,” he sneered.

“You…” Solomon was speechless with anger.

However, he could not retaliate at all as Andy’s bouncers had entered and filled the room.

“What shall we do, Solomon?” Sasha sounded terrified.

She was not about to hand over the contract to Andy because that was her last asset. If he took that from her, she would have nothing to her name. Moreover, those bonds belonged to her, so he had no right to snatch them from her.

She tried to hide the contract from their sight, but when the men saw her action, they rushed over and demanded, “Hand that over!”

“No! That is mine! Why should I hand it to you?” All colors had drained from Sasha’s face. Still, she stubbornly held on to the contract.

At the same time, she looked at Solomon with pleading eyes, hoping he could come to her rescue.

Unfortunately, her friend was in no position to help her, as the man had a knife to his neck.

Sasha was in total despair. A young lad in a blue hoodie stepped up from behind her when the men were about to snatch her contract away.

Lance said nonchalantly, “Sha, since he wants it so badly, why don’t you just give it to him?”

“Wh… what?” Sasha’s eyes twitched as she watched him take the contract from her hand.

“No, Lennie! I can’t let him have that! That is our last hope. If I lose it, I will not have any chance to rebuild our family again!”

“It’s alright, Sha. Even if he gets it, he can’t get out of the hotel.” Lance extended his hand to offer Andy the contract.

His words shocked everyone into silence.

Can’t get out of the hotel? What is that supposed to mean?

Does he not realize what is happening now? Is he a moron?

Andy and his men roared in laughter, tickled by Lance’s words. They were curious why a young chap like him would utter such boastful words.

On the other hand, Sasha and Solomon were ashen-faced, worried Lance was taking his joke too far with these hostile men.

However, they soon realized those men were not laughing anymore and were staring at Andy in horror.

“What is that? The red dot on your face!”

“Is that… is that… a sniper rifle?”

“Sniper… rifle?”

Chaos erupted as the men dived into hiding positions.

Andy desperately wanted to dive for safety too, but he dared not move a single muscle with the red dot still on his forehead.

“D.. don’t! L-Let’s talk it over, young man!” he stammered as he slowly raised his trembling hands up to a surrender pose.

This twist of event bewildered Sasha and Solomon. They could not believe what they heard!

Sniper rifle?

What sniper rifle? What is happening?

Solomon turned to look at Andy, and sure enough, there was a red laser light right between the latter’s brows!


This is unbelievably terrifying!

In the end, Andy had no choice but to leave them alone.

However, once he left the room and was safe from the sniper’s aim, the menacing look returned to his eyes.

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