The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 304

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 304

Sasha could finally pour her heart out to someone. Lance was the only family she had and the only one she could confide in.

He kept quiet, but his eyes had dulled considerably.

He did not understand why she had to do it, and he did not want to understand. If he accepted that reasoning, the rift between them would become greater. Then all hope would be lost.

Lance finally went back into his room and stayed inside the entire night.

Sasha was not worried. She reasoned he needed the rest after the exhausting two days.

Solomon was happy Lance was absent. When he heard the latter was still asleep, he invited Sasha out for breakfast.

“Lance may still be sleeping. Let’s have our breakfast first. We can bring some food for him on our way back,” he proposed.

After some hesitation, Sasha agreed. Solomon finally got to go on a date with her. Alone.

Of course, it was just wishful thinking on his part.

“What are your plans now that you have clinched your first deal? Although Andy was deterred by the sniper Lance hired yesterday, I worry he might still come after you.”

“I think so too.” Sasha frowned as she looked up from her plate of food.

She had the same concern, but unfortunately, she had yet to come up with a solution. After all, Wall Street was Andy’s territory. It wouldn’t be easy to avoid him since he had absolute advantage.

Solomon was pleased to hear that she shared his concern. “Why don’t we head back to Clear? You have made a name for yourself with this Sky Precision deal, so I am sure prospective clients will come knocking at your door soon.”

He prayed hard that she would agree to leave with him because he felt the place had become too dangerous for them to stay on. Moreover, he wished she was closer to him, so he could meet her every day.

To his disappointment, she disagreed.

“No, here is a better place for work. I’ll think of a way to deal with Andy,” she replied cautiously, then went back to eating her breakfast.

Solomon was in no position to insist, so he left it as it was.

Midway through their breakfast, Sasha’s phone rang, and she picked the call. “Good morning. Who is that speaking?”

“Good morning, Ms. Nancy. Are you alright? Why aren’t you at work yet? You are already an hour late.”

“What?” Sasha could not believe her ears. She thought it was a misdirected call.

“Ms. Nancy, please hurry back to the office. Mr. Andy has an important assignment for you.”


Sasha was so shocked that she spat her coffee.

Sebastian was back in Avenport. The first thing he did was to rush to the hospital.

“What happened? Why is Matteo sick again?”

“I have no idea. During your absence, they stayed at the Hayes residence. Maybe Mr. Hayes Sr. was too obliging, and they overindulged themselves,” Luke explained as he drove them to the hospital.

Frederick brought the children to stay with him because he was worried that they wouldn’t be properly cared for in Frontier Bay in his son’s absence.

Sebastian could only frown in silence.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the People’s Hospital.

Before he could reach the ward, Sebastian saw a woman carrying Matteo and making her way out of the hospital.

“Roxanne? What are you doing here? Why are you carrying Matteo?”

When Roxanne saw it was Sebastian, her face lit up as she hurried over with the child. “You are back, Sebastian! This hospital sucks. I brought your son here for treatment, but they can’t even handle a simple case of fungi poisoning,” she complained.

Luke, who was next to Sebastian, pleaded, “Ms. Rocke, you must be kidding. I am sure such a big hospital can manage his illness. I hope you are not trying to sneak him out. He is sick, so please leave him alone.”

It was strange that Luke was pleading with Roxanne, but Sebastian wasn’t in the mood to probe into it. Frowning, he strode over and took the child from her arms.


“Daddy, you are back…”

The limp little body was burning hot. It shocked and pained Sebastian to hear the lifelessness in his baby’s voice.

His face fell as he hurriedly brought the child back into the hospital.

The doctor started complaining the moment he saw them. “Mr. Hayes, Matteo is suffering from gastroenteritis, but this lady wants to take him away from our hospital. She insists that we’re not qualified.”

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