The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 305

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 305

Roxanne was hopping mad when she heard his accusation. “You couldn’t stop his diarrhea since his admission yesterday. What does that prove? You are lousy because you failed to find the cause of his illness!” she countered.

“You… It takes time for the medication to take effect! There is no miracle drug that can instantly cure someone.” Her unreasonable expectations frustrated the doctor.

“Well, of course there are. He is a five-year-old kid. Don’t you know it can be fatal for him if you can’t stop his diarrhea?”

Her words hit Sebastian like a thunderbolt, who became extremely worried and flustered at the limp little figure in his arms.

“Enough! Get the car,” he ordered.

“Huh?” Luke was shocked, but Roxanne, on the other hand, was elated.

“Yes, let’s go. You can’t go wrong taking my advice!” she declared.

She had every reason to be confident as a doctor. In some aspects, she was also a genius.

Sebastian rushed Matteo to Roxanne’s research laboratory. True enough, his condition stabilized after she gave him a dose of medication.

“See! I told you it was a fungi poisoning.”

“Fungi poisoning? What fungi?” He took his eyes off his son and turned to ask.

“Fungi are mushrooms. But the strange thing is the mushrooms in the market are all edible and safe for consumption. How did your son get sick? What did he eat at his grandpa’s place?”

Sebastian could not give Roxanne an answer because he was away from his kids during this period.

Noting his silence, she added, “This could lead to fatal consequences. What if there is a delay and something bad happens to him?”

Sebastian’s face paled. He vowed he would let nothing untoward happen to his kids, but the fact was, it nearly happened.

He could not imagine what would have happened if he had come back a little later, or Roxanne wasn’t around.

He stood by Matteo’s bedside, devastated, and clutched his son’s tiny hand. His heart filled with guilt and self-blame.

“I know you are extremely busy, but since you brought him into this world, you have to be responsible for him. What is more important—money or his life?” Roxanne could not help but nag.

After that, she took Matteo’s blood sample to the laboratory for testing, as she felt something was amiss.

Sebastian sat there in silence, deep in thoughts.

Without a doubt, he would give up everything for his three kids if it were up to him. Sadly, someone else thought otherwise and decided to abandon them.

Sebastian kept a vigil by Matteo’s bedside, not taking a step away from his precious son.

In the middle of the night, the boy finally woke up. When he opened his eyes and saw his father next to him, he moved his little hand weakly. “Daddy…”

“Hmm?” Sebastian was about to doze off, but he sprang up upon hearing Matteo’s voice and was instantly wide awake.

“Matt, you are awake? That is great! Are you feeling okay?” he asked while caressing his son’s face.

Matteo had never seen his father in such an anxious state. With a comforting figure next to him, he let go of his pent-up emotions.

“Daddy, where did you go? Are you and Mommy leaving us? Are you going to divorce?” he wailed.

This was a boy who had never cried, even when life was difficult for the family when his mommy brought them up single-handedly.

His brother and sister had broken down during the trying period when their parents were at odds, but he maintained a positive mindset.

At that moment, he cried his heart out.

Sebastian was shattered. He scooped his son up from the bed and cradled him in his arms.

“Of course not. How could we leave you? The three of you are our precious babies, and I would give up everything for you.”

“But Mommy is not back. She has left us, right?” The sad look in Matteo’s teary eyes pierced Sebastian’s heart like a dagger, leaving it bleeding.

He took a deep breath but could not find words to console his son.

He had no idea. Maybe she really left for good…

After all, she had clearly told him she did not want them anymore.

Sebastian was big and strong and had the power to lord over everyone at work. However, at that moment, his heart crumpled into pieces as a sense of helplessness overwhelmed him.

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