The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 307

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 307

She dashed into the room, grabbed a bag, and mindlessly started packing her belongings.

Lance did not utter a word. He headed back into his room and booked her a flight. He had long wanted to buy her that ticket home.

Sasha boarded the plane that very night and arrived in Avenport at daybreak.

She hesitated about heading straight to Frontier Bay as she suspected Sebastian would still be there.

She avoided him because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to see him or she was too guilty to face him after what happened to the kids.

She waited until after eight before she rushed over to the villa. To her surprise, the gate locked.

Why is it locked?

Panicked, she ran to the security post to check with the guard there. “Excuse me. May I know why the gate for Royal Court One is locked?”

“Oh, Royal Court One. Mr. Hayes has already moved out. It has been vacant for some time. It will probably be put on sale soon,” the security guard said with a sense of regret.

It was disquieting news to Sasha!


Where to? Why did he move?

“Do you know where he has moved to? I need to find him,” she pressed anxiously.

The security guard shook his head. “I have no idea. I heard they had lots of unfortunate incidents during their stay here. The kids fell sick, one after another. I presume they found another place with a better environment for the kids.”

A better environment for the kids?

His comment was like rubbing salt on a wound, adding to her guilt.

The fact that the kids taking turns to fall sick reverberated in her mind.

I’m sorry, my sweeties. Mommy did not mean to make you suffer.

Teary-eyed and out of desperation, she sought help from Brandon to find out her kids’ whereabout.

“They moved because of Matteo. Since he fell sick, he has been getting treatment at Roxanne’s research laboratory. Sebastian bought a small house nearby for a temporary stay so it would be easier for him to care for Matteo.” Brandon reported his find over the phone.

When Sasha heard that, she was overwhelmed and allowed her tears to flow uncontrollably.

Brandon waited in silence to say something, but in the end, he quietly hung up.

Twenty minutes later, Sasha arrived at the small house.

Compared to Royal Court One, it was tiny without a garden or pool. The garage of Royal Court One was bigger than that house.

Sasha clenched her fingers around her luggage handle more tightly, nervous.

“Vivi, stop playing. Come and wash your hands before you take your breakfast, okay? We gotta go to preschool soon.”


Just as Sasha anxiously stepped up to the gate of the house, she heard that familiar voice.

Before she could blink her eye, a little figure in pink crawled out from the bush and dashed toward the house.

Vivi! That is my little Vivi!

Tears filled her eyes again, and she immediately sprinted forward, shouting, “Vivi, Mommy is back!”

The running little girl stopped abruptly, then turned around in confusion.

Yes, that is my little girl, my sweetie!

Sasha was overwhelmed. She dropped her luggage bag and rushed forward in tears to hug Vivian.

Unexpectedly, her little sweetie, who used to stick to her like a leech, looked at her with wide-eyed shock. Suddenly, she turned around and ran away from Sasha!

“Ms. Dolivo, come quickly!” Vivian screamed in fear and wept loudly.

Sasha stopped in her path, dumbstruck, while she tried to make sense of what had just happened.

What’s happening?

Why did my precious little sweetie run away in fear? She should be running into my arms, not away!

Sasha felt a piercing pain in her heart, so painful she felt she could not breathe.

Wendy heard Vivian cry. After carrying the girl, she came out to investigate with the other two children in toil.

When the children and mother met, they all froze.

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