The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 308

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 308

It had been almost two months since she left them. When she finally saw their adorable faces after a long sixty days, she wanted to rush over to hug them all in her arms.

However, her worst nightmare came true. Her two sons behaved like their sister.

She expected them to rush toward her ecstatically, just like how she felt about them. Sadly, that did not happen. Instead, the boys looked at her coldly, as if she was a fragment of their imagination. Perhaps they were disappointed in her and did not wish to get close to her anymore.

They don’t want me anymore?

She felt the stinging pain in her heart again. Then she swayed briefly and stumbled toward them.

“Little Ian, Matt, it’s Mommy! I’m back! Can you come over and let me hug you? I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have left you,” she cried.

At that moment, she was truly remorseful.

Why did I leave? These are her kids, and they did no wrong.

Weeping uncontrollably, Sasha kneeled in front of the children.

Finally, Matteo stepped forward and looked at her, tears all over his sunken cheeks. He chokingly asked, “Why… did you… leave without a-a word? Why did you… stay away for so… long?”


“You don’t want me anymore, do you?” the boy piteously questioned her.

“No, no, that’s not true! I would never abandon you. Matt, they have to kill me to take me away from you.” She shook her head violently in denial.

She was desperate to explain and to seek their forgiveness.

Vivian came forward and chipped in, “Then why did you not call us? Don’t you know I was sick? Why did you not ask for me?” Her child-like voice was cracking, and she was choking on tears, too.

Sasha’s face paled. She badly wanted to hug her girl, but under that tearful gaze, she lost her courage to do so.

Indeed, she lost the right to seek their forgiveness, and she had to earn their love again.

She had left them and told Sebastian she did not want them anymore. For two whole months, she did not bother to call or check on them.

Sasha collapsed on the floor in devastation.

The atmosphere was stifling and filled with sorrow.

Wendy was watching them and wanted to step up to help.

Before she could do that, the remaining kid stepped forward to his mother. He gazed at her, then stretched out his little hand to wipe the tears off Sasha’s eyes.

“Don’t be sad, Mommy. They were upset because they missed you too much,” Ian said.

“What?” Sasha looked at her eldest son in disbelief.

Ian continued to wipe her tears gently while adding, “It will be alright so long as you promise you won’t leave us again.”

What a big relief after that horrifying experience!

Sasha stared gratefully at Ian, who was wise beyond his age. Her tears flowed uncontrollably again, and she held him tightly in her embrace. Matteo and Vivian joined them, and the four wept in joy.

She was grateful to be blessed with such sensible and lovable children.

Wendy was relieved as she, too, could not help but weep.

Ian really had the characteristic of an eldest child. He was more sensible and mature, just like their father.

Sebastian was poring through a pile of documents when he heard the news. His pen tip snapped under pressure as he clenched his fist in anger.

His horrifying fury caused Luke to freeze in silence.

“Who gave her permission to see the kids? Throw her out!” he barked through tightly clenched jaws.

“Yes, Mr. Hayes. I will see to that immediately.” Luke shuddered and instantly left to make the necessary arrangement.

He could understand his boss’ anger.

Sebastian was stretched thin during this period, taxed by a busy work schedule and Matteo’s illness. With the support of his staff, work was still manageable. However, even under Roxanne’s care, Matteo had not fully recovered, and the sleepless nights drained him further.

It was preposterous and arrogant for Sasha to sashay in at her own whim to visit the kids after being away for two months. Who did she think she is?

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