The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 310

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 310

The people started gossiping about Sasha, for she had stayed too long outside.

“Who’s that woman? Why is she standing outside our company?”

“I have no idea, but I heard she’s here for our president.”

“She’s here for Mr. Hayes?”

Upon hearing that, the people gasped. The next moment, they started eyeing Sasha up and down disdainfully.

“Are you kidding me? A woman like her is here for our president?”

“Pfft! She should take a look at herself in the mirror!”

Sasha had closed her ears to those harsh and derisive words.

Suddenly, she recalled that she had promised to pick the kids up when she sent them to school in the morning. Hence, she grew agitated as the sky darkened.

Oh, forget it. I better fetch the kids first. I can’t break my promise again.

In the end, she left the company, her legs sore and aching. She then hailed a cab and headed toward the preschool.

Meanwhile, Sebastian had been working for some time in his office when his phone beeped.

It was a message from Karl: Mr. Hayes, Ms. Wand is gone.

Attached with the message was the photo of a woman’s back view as she left the company.

Seeing that, Sebastian let out a sneer before putting his phone aside and resuming to work.

Half an hour later, he received a phone call from one of the bodyguards from the preschool. “Mr. Hayes, Ms. Wand came to fetch the kids just now. We came into conflict with her and accidentally injured her.”

Hearing the news, he raised his voice and asked in disbelief, “What did you say?”

The man’s composure had come apart, and his face darkened without him realizing it.

On the other end of the line, the bodyguard couldn’t help but shudder in fear.

“W-When we tried to leave after getting the kids into the car, she suddenly rushed over like crazy. S-So, we accidentally knocked her over.”

Sebastian’s mind went blank. Without a second thought, he hung up, grabbed his keys from the drawer, and rushed out of his office.

Seeing that, Luke, who was preparing to get off work, gaped.

What happened?

Sasha had been knocked down by the car, but her injury was not serious. She only suffered some scratches on her leg and a small cut on the forehead.

The kids struggled to get out of the car. Vivian trotted toward Sasha and threw herself into the latter’s arm. Her eyes reddened when she saw the injury on her mother’s forehead.

“Why did you knock Mommy down? All of you are bad guys! Get lost! I don’t want to see you guys here!” she cried out.

Ian’s face, too, had turned grim.

“Scram!” the boy uttered through gritted teeth.

The bodyguards exchanged glances with each other in the face of the kids’ anger.

Meanwhile, Sasha got up on her feet and casually wiped the blood off her forehead with her sleeve. She took the heat off the bodyguards by saying, “Vivian, Ian, don’t be mad at them. I’m fine.”

“But…” Ian was about to say something when Sasha picked up a cookie box on the floor and handed it over to him.

“I’m sorry, Ian. I was busy earlier today, so I didn’t get to make berry pie. But, I bought almond tarts for you from a pastry shop in Old Town. I ate these all the time when I was young.”

Ian, however, didn’t care a bit about the treats. All he wanted was to see his mother.

Nevertheless, he opened his mouth and ate the almond tart his mother fed him. After finishing the tart, the boy said while gazing at his mother’s wound, “Let’s go to the hospital.”

“Huh? I’m fine. It’s just a small scratch. There’s no need to go to the hospital. I can treat it when I get home.” After a short pause, Sasha finally brought up the heavy topic. “Ian, actually, I have something I want to tell you.”

That was actually one of the reasons for her to insist on coming to the preschool.

Now that Sebastian refused to let her meet the kids, she needed to explain to them beforehand in case they misunderstood that she had abandoned them.

She put on a good front and pulled them closer to her.

“Little Ian, Vivi, perhaps… perhaps I can’t live with you guys for now. Something has happened between your Daddy and me, and we need some time to solve it. I promise I won’t leave you guys. We will solve the issue between us as soon as possible.”

Hearing that, despair surged within Ian.

As for Vivian, the little girl had broken into tears. “No! Mommy, please don’t leave me! I want Mommy!” she sobbed out while wrapping her arms around Sasha, clinging to her.

Sasha was at a loss, not knowing how to comfort the kids.

Just then, a black Bentley appeared on the road outside the preschool. The man in the car stomped on the brakes and stopped the car not far away from them.

Sasha was already distressed by Vivian’s sobbing, and when she saw the Bentley, her face turned paler.

He’s finally here!

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