The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 311

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 311

“Mr. Hayes!”

Sebastian uttered a response as he got out of the car, his face impenetrable. He had worn a dark grey suit, which complemented his near-perfect physique and accentuated his distinguished air.

Sasha was feeling dazed as she subconsciously held her breath.


Without sparing a glance at her, the man ordered coldly, “Take the kids away.”

His words knocked Sasha sideways.

No way! They can’t take my kids away from me!

She hugged the kids tightly in her arms. Her ashen face, the fear in her eyes, and the bloodstain on her forehead made a dreadful sight.

“No! Please, don’t! Sebastian, can’t we talk about this?”

The kids began crying out loud, “No! I don’t want to leave Mommy! I want Mommy!”

Seeing that the bodyguards hesitated to do as he said, the cold-hearted Sebastian went over to snatch the kids from Sasha.

Sasha had lost her cool. Disregarding her injury, she lurched forward to grab the man’s arm and pleaded, “No! Sebastian, please don’t take them away from me! I admit I was wrong, and I shouldn’t have said something like that. I’ll take it back! Please…”

Yet, Sebastian was unmoved. Ignoring Sasha’s pleading, he stuffed the kids into the car. Soon, the bodyguards got into the car and drove off.

Sasha could do nothing but watch as the car sped off into a distance.

At that instant, the feeling of despair descended on her. She experienced a temporary blackout of vision and was about to collapse onto the ground.

Suddenly, Sebastian pulled her into his arms and encircled her. With his bloodshot eyes boring into hers, the man uttered harshly, “Oh, drop the act, will you? Don’t you remember how nonchalant you were when you said you didn’t want the kids? You’ve lived a carefree life without caring about them. So, there’s no need to act pitiful now.”

Sasha’s mind was buzzing. Those words had pierced through her heart, tearing it into smithereens.

“No… I… I didn’t act pitiful. If I could travel back in time, I would never say something like that.”

Hearing her words, Sebastian hit the roof, and he retorted sarcastically, “Do you think you deserve forgiveness just because you regret your actions? Does that mean you can forgive what my dad had done to you if he regrets it? And that you’ll treat Xenia’s death like it has never happened before?

“Look, you can’t even do it yourself! Then, how can you ask for someone else’s forgiveness? Don’t you think it’s funny?”

The man thought the problems between them were irreconcilable. Slowly, he loosened his grip around her.

There was not a trace of emotions in his eyes as the feeling of hopelessness, anger, and disappointment dissipated.

As for Sasha, the man’s cutting words hit her hard.

She wanted to tell him that what she did was totally different from what Frederick had done to her, yet she eventually swallowed her words.

After all, the man was telling the truth. It was too late for regrets.

Be it the hurtful words that she said, or the things the Hayes family did, what was done could not be undone.

When she herself couldn’t forgive them, how could she, a woman who abandoned her kids, ask for Sebastian’s forgiveness?

Sasha’s heart wrenched in pain while her ears buzzed. She could taste a metallic taste in her mouth.

Without bothering to talk to her anymore, Sebastian turned away and got into his car.

Just as he started the engine, he saw the petite figure staggering to her feet from the corner of his eyes. The woman had supported herself against the flowerbed by the roadside, staring blankly at her palm.

The next second, she fainted.

When she collapsed onto the ground, he could clearly see blood on her palm from the rearview mirror.

Sasha was dreaming again.

In her dream, she was a little girl. Her parents had brought her to Avenport. Yet, she didn’t get to see the little boy who was five years older than her again.

“Sasha, want to go to your Uncle Jackson’s house? There’s a girl about your age. She’s your cousin.”


Then, her parents brought her to Jackson’s house.

She was happy in the dream. It felt like she was brought back to her childhood, once again experiencing those lovely memories. All those problems and worries were gone, and all that was left were the Wand and Hayes family.

How nice this is…

Meanwhile, Wendy was cleaning up the room when she saw Sasha shedding tears in her sleep. She couldn’t help but sigh.

When she left the room, she saw that Sebastian’s study was still brightly lit. Being a soft-hearted person, she entered the study to tell Sebastian about it. “Oh, Mr. Hayes, why would you take Madam’s words to heart? I can tell that Madam is not a cold-hearted person. She only said those words out of anger.”

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