The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 315

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 315

I can’t believe Matteo’s condition’s that bad… An extremely low white blood cell count signifies a severe infection, so this isn’t just a normal inflammatory response… In fact, it could lead to a blood disorder like septicemia or leukemia if his immune system can’t stop the infection!

Sasha shuddered at the thought of that and asked in a trembling voice moments later, “How did this happen? What exactly happened to him?”

“How would I know? He was already like this when they brought him over from his grandpa’s!”

“His grandpa’s?”

Sasha froze.

Why would he be at the Hayes residence? What was Sebastian doing? Did he not watch over him?

For some reason, Sasha had a really bad feeling when she found out that Matteo had gotten sick while staying at the Hayes residence. Matteo had gotten sick during his last visit there, so she didn’t like the place one bit and didn’t want her kids anywhere near it.

With a grim look on her face, Sasha left Roxanne’s laboratory and went home.

Her kids had been waiting for her and ran up to her the moment she came through the door.

“How did things go at Ms. Rocke’s, Mommy? Did she manage to find a cure for Matt?” Vivian asked worriedly.

Sasha forcefully suppressed her feelings of despair and sat down with Matteo on the bench in the yard.

“Tell me, Matt. Did you eat anything nasty at your grandpa’s place before you got sick?”

“No, we only ate the food Grandpa prepared for us himself.”

“Why did you get sick all of a sudden, then? There’s something wrong with your gastrointestinal tract, so it must’ve been something you ate. Try your best to recall what you’ve eaten during your time there.”

Sasha tried to help him remember what happened back then, but Matteo kept quiet.

Ian, who had been quiet the whole time, stood up all of a sudden.

“He ate it for me, Mommy.”

“What?” The look on Sasha’s face changed instantly. “What did he eat? What on earth were you two doing?”

She was so agitated that she grabbed Ian by the hand and squeezed it till it turned red.

Matteo noticed Ian’s painful expression and quickly stopped Sasha as he said, “It’s not Ian’s fault, Mommy! I volunteered to do it because I wanted to know if what Ian said was true!”

“What do you mean? What’s true?” Sasha was still confused.

The two then told her everything about what really happened.

According to them, Matteo had suddenly fallen ill after going to the Hayes residence. As a result, Ian got into a huge fight with Frederick and refused to let Matteo visit the Hayes residence ever again.

Matteo asked Ian about it when he found out later on, and the latter told him he had gotten sick whenever he visited Roderick.

“Ian said I would get sick whenever I visited Great-uncle. He suspects I got sick after eating what Great-uncle gave me.”

Sasha’s eyes were filled with shock when she heard that. “R-Really?”

Matteo nodded. “I didn’t believe him at first, so I tried eating the stuff they gave me when we visited Grandpa to prove it. I ended up getting sick afterward, so I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence or they’re trying to make me sick on purpose.”

Sasha felt as if the air in the yard had stopped; it felt like everything around them was frozen in place.

Her mind was in turmoil, and her entire body emanated an icy-cold aura as a mixture of anger, shock, and fear enveloped her. Her hands were trembling so hard that she couldn’t even hold on to Ian’s arms.

There’s no way this is a coincidence! Matteo was never sick, and yet he falls ill on both occasions that he visited the Hayes residence? If that’s true, then… That means they’re responsible for Matteo’s poor health condition all this while!

Sasha couldn’t bring herself to think about it any further.

All she wanted was to head over to the Hayes residence and find out for herself if someone was indeed trying to harm Matteo.

“Come on, you two. We’re heading over to the Hayes residence.”

“Huh?” both of them exclaimed in surprise.

Oh, no… Are we in trouble now?

Having made up her mind, Sasha handed Vivian over to Wendy and left the house with her sons in tow.

Sebastian, on the other hand, hadn’t concerned himself with the situation at home.

The trip home earlier had eased his worries, and he had a lot more urgent matters at work to take care of, especially the anonymous report on him that the board of directors had suddenly received.

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