The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 316

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 316

“Mr. Hayes, someone has reported you for embezzling one billion.”


“Yeah. According to the letter, your ex-wife worked with Andy’s company to steal the money. As such, they have reason to believe that you’ve set this all up to get that money for yourself…” Luke said helplessly as he read the letter.

These idiots… As if Mr. Hayes would even need to go through all that trouble for a mere billion!

Sebastian simply rolled his eyes and chose to ignore the report after hearing that.

To his surprise, a shareholder from the board of directors that was usually on his side came to confront him about the matter later that afternoon.

“Sebastian, is it true what the report said about you? Tell me!”

“What do you think?” Sebastian asked with an emotionless look on his face.

The shareholder frowned. “Of course I know it isn’t true, but they’re suspecting you of being unable to control your behavior. According to them, they’ll have to take further measures if this is truly the case.”

I’m unable to control my behavior? What’s the meaning of this?

Sebastian narrowed his eyes and placed his pen down as he asked, “What are you trying to say? Are those old fools plotting something behind my back again?”

The shareholder cleared his throat awkwardly before continuing, “You know the rumors about you that were circulating on the internet a while back? Well, the board of directors brought that up again recently. From what I’ve heard, someone has found evidence against you.”


The loud noise of something hitting the desk broke the deafening silence in his office.

Evidence? What evidence? The one about my mental issue?

Sebastian’s eyes went red with rage and looked as vicious as a wild beast’s. “All right, then. They can go ahead and present that so-called evidence! I want to see what trick they have up their sleeves!”

“Calm down, Sebastian! This is serious! If the board of directors really does have solid evidence against you, you will be powerless against them!”

The shareholder was quick to advise him when he saw how furious Sebastian was.

Hayes Corporation is a joint-stock company. While the Hayes may be the head of the company at the moment, the board of directors reserves the right to make necessary changes if the head of the company is found guilty of causing losses to the company!

Instead of calming down, the look in Sebastian’s simply grew colder when he heard that.

“Then they’d better act fast and catch me before I go berserk and kill them all!”

The shareholder stared speechlessly at Sebastian for what seemed like forever.

The man was indeed crazy to a very terrifying extent, and that was a fact that everyone in the Hayes family knew very well, especially Roderick who watched him grow up.

As such, he freaked out when he saw Matteo pour the kale soup he made into a tiny bottle instead of drinking it.

What the hell is this brat trying to do?

His mind was in a mess as he quickly ran after Matteo. Upon turning a corner, he saw a familiar figure carry Matteo and take the bottle from him.

“Did you get it?”

“Yup! This is what he gave me, Mommy!”

Matteo’s pale face blushed slightly from happiness after successfully collecting the evidence.

Sasha patted him on the head and was going to meet up with Ian in the yard before leaving the house, but Roderick caught her the moment she turned around.

“So, it was you, Sasha! You sure are a bold one, causing trouble in my home like this! Give it to me!” he shouted while kicking her in the stomach.

Sasha was caught completely off guard. Luckily, she managed to push Matteo out of the way before she fell to the floor with a loud thud.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Matteo yelled out in shock upon seeing that.

Roderick then walked over to her and stared her down as he bellowed anxiously, “What are you two doing? Give it back to me!”

Sasha was in so much pain that she could only curl into a ball and clutch her stomach in pain.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Uncle Roderick… Why did you kick me?” she muttered through clenched teeth and tried her best to avoid losing consciousness.

Beads of cold sweat trickled down her face, and Matteo cried even louder when he saw that. “Mommy…”

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