The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 317

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 317

“What do you mean you don’t know? What were you holding in your hands? Why are you stealing his kale soup? What are your intentions?” Roderick asked with a menacing look in his eyes.

Sasha stared back at him, her face as white as a sheet.

I know that look… He’s afraid and panicking! This proves that Matteo was right about him!

“I’m not stealing anything, Uncle Roderick! Matteo said you guys make amazing desserts, so he wanted me to try some of it. That’s why he brought me some. I can give it back to you if you want…” Sasha said weakly as she retrieved the glass bottle that Matteo had given her earlier.

What? She’s actually giving it back to me? Was I just overthinking things?

Roderick stared at the glass bottle in confusion, unsure of what she was playing at.

Sasha knew he had fallen for it and quickly gave Matteo a nudge. “Go on, Matt. Give this back to your grand-uncle.”

Matteo wasn’t sure why they were giving it back to the man as it wasn’t easy getting that sample, but he did as told anyway.

“Here you go!” he said while shoving the glass bottle into Roderick’s hand.

Roderick stared blankly at it for a moment, and whatever suspicions he had disappeared in that instant.

Maybe I really am overthinking it…

With that in mind, he flashed Sasha an apologetic smile and helped her to her feet. “I’m so sorry, Sasha. I thought you had some ulterior motives or something for taking this, so I got anxious and freaked out a little. Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m okay.”

Sasha shook her head, acting perfectly fine.

Something is definitely wrong with this soup! I mean, why else would he get so worked up about me taking it away? Good thing I was able to resolve this issue before it got any worse!

Matteo was still confused as to what had happened. He waited till they left the scene before asking, “Mommy, why did you give the bottle back to Uncle Roderick? Couldn’t we hand it over to Grandpa?”

“No, Matt. We don’t have any evidence to prove anything yet. Besides, we could both be in danger if your great-uncle gets desperate,” Sasha explained while clutching her still aching tummy.

What she didn’t tell him was the fact that she had secretly stored some of it in her pocket during the chaos earlier.

It’s probably going to dry up, but it should be enough for Roxanne to analyze…

Frederick tried having them stay for a meal, but Sasha insisted on leaving with her kids.

“Why’d she leave in such a hurry, Tim? Do you think she’s still mad at me? Is that why she won’t even stick around for a meal?” Frederick asked, feeling upset that they had refused to stay.

Tim could only try his best to reassure the man by saying, “It takes time. The fact that she’s bringing her kids here to see you of her own accord is a sign of progress. We should just give her a bit more time to get used to it.”

Frederick felt slightly better after hearing that. “Yeah, you’re right. We mustn’t pressure her into anything.”

Meanwhile, Sebastian too had heard of what happened when he was about to leave his office.

They went over to the Hayes residence?

He placed his pen down immediately upon receiving the news and asked Luke, “What was the purpose of her visit? Is that old man causing her trouble again?”

Whoa, why such a huge reaction?

“No, she brought the boys over by herself. Maybe they wanted to visit and asked her to take them there.”

Luke was quick to reassure him, but Sebastian snorted in response. “Heh, you actually believe that crap?”

He then tossed his work aside and grabbed his car keys from the drawer before heading out.

He’s right… Given how they’re at loggerheads with each other, it’s highly unlikely for them to want to visit…

Luke was lost in thought as he stayed back to take care of the documents Sebastian had left on the table.

Sebastian rushed back to the villa and went upstairs looking for Sasha and the kids.

“Where are they, Wendy?”

“Ah, you’re back early today, Mr. Hayes! Ms. Wand has brought the boys over to Ms. Rocke’s.” Wendy was surprised to see Sebastian come home that early.

They went over to Roxanne’s?

Sebastian frowned and asked, “Why did she go to Roxanne’s? Also, I heard she went over to the Hayes residence earlier in the afternoon. What was she doing there?”

Wendy shook her head. “I don’t know, but she came home pretty soon and headed off to Ms. Rocke’s right after.”

For some reason, hearing that irritated him so much that he had lost interest in what she was doing.

Why should I bother trying to find out? Everything she does is simply for the sake of taking care of things here, including that old man, so she can go to Moranta and revive the Wand family!

He thought to himself as he stared blankly into the distance with an icy-cold look in his eyes.

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