The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 318

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 318

Meanwhile, Sasha was in Roxanne’s laboratory.

“Are the results out yet?”

“Yeah, this sample does contain the same fungus Matteo was infected with. How did you get this?” Roxanne asked curiously after taking a glance at the sample under the microscope.

Where on earth did she get this from?

Naturally, Sasha wasn’t about to tell her the truth.

Instead, she was trembling all over with rage after hearing what Roxanne said.

Why? He’s their grand-uncle for crying out loud! Why would he do such a thing to a five-year-old child? Also, Matteo said he only drank it because Ian had gotten sick each time he went there. That means he’s also been doing that to Ian this whole time! Damn it! Now I’m really pissed!

Roxanne found it strange when she saw how angry Sasha looked. “Hey, what’s gotten into you? Don’t tell me you got yourself all injured just to obtain this sample?”

Consumed by rage, Sasha wasn’t in the mood to answer any of her questions and stormed off shortly after, leaving Roxanne dumbfounded.

“What the hell is her problem? Who does she think she is, coming and going as she pleases… I can’t believe I’m doing this for her!” she grumbled to herself.

Sasha ignored her and headed straight home with the kids afterward.

Hmm? He’s home?

There was a sharp glint in her eye as she noticed the black Bentley parked in the villa’s garage.

“Wendy, is Mr. Hayes home?”

“Yeah, he’s upstairs. He was just asking about you…”

Sasha was rushing the stairs before Wendy could finish her sentence. She was in such a hurry that she even forgot about her kids at the front door.

Jeez, why is she in such a hurry?

Wendy pondered as she attended to the kids.

Sasha went straight to Sebastian’s bedroom and shouted angrily, “Sebastian? Are you in there? I have something very important to talk to you about!”

There was no response, and it seemed as if no one was in the bedroom.

How strange… Didn’t Wendy say he’s upstairs? His car is parked outside too!

Sasha decided to check the bedroom, only to see Sebastian step out of the shower with only a towel around his waist.


The woman quickly covered her eyes with her hands. “Why are you taking a shower during the day? Also, why didn’t you get dressed before coming out of the bathroom?”

What the hell is she going on about? I’m in my own bedroom, so why do I have to get dressed before coming out of the shower? Also, what’s wrong with taking a shower during the day?

Sebastian thought to himself as he stared emotionlessly at Sasha. “You’ve already seen every inch of my body, so why are you covering your eyes now?”

Sasha burned bright red instantly upon hearing that and decided to make a run for it.

This guy is unbelievable!

“I…I’ll come back later!” she stammered as she turned around, but Sebastian grabbed her by the arm and spun her around before she could even reach the doorknob.

“What was it that you wanted to tell me?” he asked, looking like a ridiculously hot mess as he stared at her with water trickling down his body.

To make matters worse, his deep and masculine voice simply added to his existing sexiness.

Sasha swallowed nervously and tried her best to avert her gaze as she mumbled, “I…It’s about Matt’s illness… I found out that it was Uncle Roderick who poisoned them…”

Hearing that snapped Sebastian out of his lustful state of mind. “What did you say?”

Sasha then pulled out the laboratory report and handed it over to him, blushing as she said, “H-Here, take a look at this… This is the desert I stole from the Hayes residence today. He was going to give it to Matteo earlier, so I brought some of it back and had Roxanne run a test on it.”

The look on Sebastian’s face was as cold as ice as he took the report over and skimmed through it.

“So, this is why you went over to the Hayes residence today?”

“Yeah! Little Ian told Matteo he got sick whenever he went over to Uncle Roderick’s, so Matteo decided to give it a shot, and he ended up falling sick too. That’s why I went there today to confirm if their suspicions are true!” Sasha explained.

Rage filled her eyes when she got to the part about what Roderick did, and she looked like she wanted to chop him up into tiny pieces.

That f*cking heartless b*stard!

Sebastian, too, had a terrifying look on his face when he heard that.

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