The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 322

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 322

Farming? After Sasha heard about it, she did not voice out any concerns. Instead, she began to think it was a good suggestion.

Children in the cities grew up pampered — they knew nothing about nature. It was a great opportunity for the kids to go to the countryside and gain some insight.

Sasha soon agreed.

“Sounds good! I’ll go back tonight and help you prepare for it.”

“Okay! Mommy, let’s prepare together. Our teacher said our parents should accompany us. You and Daddy have to go with us too.”

Matteo quickly explained to his mother what his teacher had told him.

Initially, Sasha was in a good mood. However, when she heard what her son said, her expression stiffened.

Their father needs to go too?

Forget it. Sebastian definitely wouldn’t want to go with me. We had such a fierce argument last night, and I didn’t see him today. To be honest, I should count myself lucky that he didn’t chase me out.

A bitter expression crossed Sasha’s face at the thought. Avoiding the topic, she brought the kids back home.

As expected, Sebastian did not return that night. Wendy said that he did not even call.

He probably did not want to come back.

Noticing the situation, Sasha had no choice but to look for Wendy. “Wendy, the kids say they’re going on a trip tomorrow. Why don’t you call Mr. Hayes and ask him to free up his schedule for it?”

Wendy looked at her in shock before questioning, “Aren’t you going? I heard the kids say that their parents have to go together?”

Sasha smiled bitterly. “He wouldn’t want me to tag along. It’s fine. He can just go with the kids. I’ll pack their items for them.”

Then, Sasha prepared to head upstairs and help the children pack for tomorrow.

However, at that moment, Wendy suddenly pulled her back.

“Ms. Wand, you shouldn’t do this. Although you had a conflict with Mr. Hayes, your kids are innocent. Didn’t you come here to keep them company? If that’s the case, how can you be absent from such an important activity for the kids?”


“Just listen to me. Mr. Hayes won’t stop you from going, so you should pack your belongings and set off with them tomorrow morning,” promised Wendy with a smile.

Since that was the case, Sasha did not protest any more.

Naturally, she wanted to go on the trip because she did not want to miss any opportunities to see her kids growing up.

Hence, she went upstairs and packed a few of her clothes, planning to tag along with them tomorrow.

The night went by peacefully.

Due to the trip, Sasha woke up early the next day. She helped the kids dress up before bringing them downstairs.

“Wendy, we…”

“You’re finally back, Mr. Hayes. The children are already prepared and are waiting for you.”

Before Sasha could finish her sentence, she spotted Wendy standing outside the villa. A man was also alighting a white Maybach at that moment. Surprised, Sasha quickly paused mid-sentence.

He really came back.

When the kids saw their father, they were evidently delighted.

“Daddy’s back! Daddy, are you here to go on the trip with me?” Vivian, who had always been the most affectionate one, ran over to the man upon spotting him.

Smiling, Sebastian bent down and picked his daughter up into his arms.

“Yeah, I’m here to accompany you.”

“Wow, that’s great! Our family can have fun together now! I’m so happy, Matt!” The little girl clapped happily.

When Sasha saw this, she finally felt relieved.

Sebastian’s expression did not look that hostile, and he did not seem like he was still angry.

Sasha took a small step forward.

“Sebastian, why did you go in alone? Come here and help me adjust the children’s car seat. Why are you leaving everything to me? Do you think I’m invincible?”

Suddenly, she heard a woman complain in the white Maybach.

Sasha’s expression changed immediately, and she halted in her tracks.

Is there someone in his car?

Everyone in the courtyard was shocked when they heard that voice, especially Ian and Matteo. Their faces fell instantly.

Ms. Rocke? Why is she here now?

The woman was none other than Roxanne.

She had finally finished adjusting the children’s seat in the car. Upon seeing that Sebastian did not bother helping her, she stomped in furiously.

“Oh, everyone’s here! Are all of you ready? Matteo, Ian! Darlings, come here! I’ll help you get into the car.”

Roxanne beckoned at the two kids standing beside Sasha.

When Sasha heard that, her face paled.

Noticing that, Wendy demanded, “Mr. Hayes, why is Ms. Rocke here?”

“I told her to come along. Two adults are needed to take care of three kids,” explained Sebastian as he carried Vivian in his arms.

He did not even spare a single glance in Sasha’s direction.

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