The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 326

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 326

“Mother? So she’s their Mom? How about the woman standing on the ridge with him? That was not the mother?” one of the parents inquired.

“Of course not! Can’t you tell?” another parent said. “Look, the husband told her to take care of the seedings because he doesn’t want her to get her hands dirty. He’s doing everything on his own instead.”

At least there were still parents who were observant enough to notice their interaction.

Upon hearing that, the other parents began to nod in agreement.

Meanwhile, Roxanne had completed her task and brought Vivian back.

She was all smiles when she returned with a basket full of fruits, but the grin on her face instantly vanished into thin air when she overheard the remarks those parents made.

It was hard for Roxanne to wrap her mind around the weird feeling that arose within her.

For years, she had always cherished the professional relationship she had with Sebastian.

But witnessing this in person somehow made her feel a little uncomfortable.

She felt as if another person had snatched something that belonged to her. It was the same feeling she had felt when Sasha visited Sebastian the last time.

Roxanne’s eyes dimmed, and her expression turned grim.

Sasha and the rest had planted all the seedlings before noon.

“Yay! We’re done! Can we go for lunch now, Mommy?” the two little boys asked.

They must be exhausted.

Sasha picked Matteo up from the field and said, “Sure! But before that, we need to clean up first. Then we’ll look for the owner of this paddy field and give him the task card.”

She then carried Mattheo to a stream nearby.

Upon seeing that, Sebastian, too, brought their elder son over.

“Daddy, you can just clean yourself. I don’t have any dirt on me,” Ian said as he looked at the soil on Sebastian’s pants.

Sebastian wanted to wash away the dirt, but he felt disgusted just thinking of the wet socks, shoes, and pants.

“What’s wrong? You don’t feel like wearing wet clothes?” Sasha asked Sebastian after she was done cleaning Matteo.

Sebastian shot daggers at her. “Would you like to wear them?”

That crude remark rendered Sasha speechless.

She actually did not mind wearing wet clothes, but she decided to keep her opinion to herself.

After all, the man who grew up like a prince had zero tolerance for anything dirty and unkempt.

Sasha let out a sigh. “Come here. Let me help you. Put on this pair of disposable socks later, and once we are back to the village, we’ll try to get you a pair of new ones. Okay?”

She resorting to coaxing Sebastian like a child.

After seeing the disposable socks in her hands, the man reluctantly sat down on a rock.

“Why do you have these socks with you?” he asked while dipping his feet into the cold stream.

Sasha squatted down and gently washed the dirt off his feet.

The moment she touched his feet, Sebastian felt a tingling sensation in his heart.

It was an indescribable feeling that he had no control over.

“Isn’t it common sense? Since we’re here for this kind of activity, of course, I’ll have to prepare a few pairs of socks for the children,” she answered casually.

Sasha did not notice the expression on the man’s face as she was paying full attention to the dirt on his feet.

She had to be extra cautious — she knew Sebastian was a clean freak.

Once again, the man held his breath when her hands came into contact with his skin.

Damn it!

He instantly tried to distract himself by looking elsewhere.

Common sense, huh…

Sebastian might be said to be the one who looked after Ian, but it was the housemaids who truly took care of his son. This was why he did not have a lot of hands-on experience on such matters.

Does this mean she took care of the other two kids and did everything on her own?

She grew up in a prominent family that did not require her to do any work. Does that mean she had to learn everything from scratch after giving birth to the triplets? It must have been difficult for her.

Sebastian fell deep in thought, and his harsh expression seemed to have softened.

“What are you doing? Are you washing his feet for real? Are you doing this to get back your child? Don’t be silly!” All of a sudden, Roxanne walked over.

She exclaimed while standing beside the stream and holding a basket.

Color drained out of Sasha’s face instantly. “What are you talking about? I…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Sebastian pulled his feet away.

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