The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 327

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 327

The man’s expression turned grim once again. He stood up instantly and walked away from the stream.

Upon hearing that, Sasha panicked. “Don’t listen to her. That’s not my intention.”

“What’s your intention then? I almost forgot the things you had done in the past to snatch back your child. So you’ve decided to adopt a new tactic, huh?” Sebastian sneered.

In the blink of an eye, he became emotionally distant again.

Why does he have to react in such a hostile manner?

Sasha decided to keep mum; she knew he would not listen to a word she uttered.

Meanwhile, the two boys were infuriated upon seeing Roxanne disturb their parents when they were about to reconcile.

“Can you please watch what you say, Ms. Rocke? Mommy only washed Daddy’s feet because she didn’t want him to put on the dirty socks,” one of them scowled.

Roxanne snorted. “That’s ridiculous. I brought many pairs of socks for him, and he can always change into new ones when he gets back to the car. Does she need to do this?”

The two boys were now so mad that their faces turned red. Even Sasha, who was still squatting on the ground, did not know how to react.

So she has prepared everything for him. Fine. Whatever she said. I don’t care anymore.

Instead of explaining herself, Sasha stood up and looked at her daughter. “Vivi, come. Let’s go home.”

Vivian could somehow feel the sadness in Sasha’s eyes. The little one extended her chubby little arms and gave her mother a hug.

The mother-daughter duo then picked up the basket near them and left.

After shooting Sebastian and Roxanne a sullen glare, Ian and Matteo held hands and followed Sasha.

What a troublemaker!

We have to think of a way to get this wretched woman out of the way!

The two boys exchanged pointed glances and nodded, seemingly coming to an agreement.

During noon, Sasha and Vivian decided to have lunch with Molly and her mother in a farmhouse.

“Shall we stick together for this afternoon’s activity? Molly doesn’t seem to like that lady named Roxanne. She even cried a few times when she was with that lady,” Molly’s mother suggested this to Sasha with a wry smile after their daughters had gone somewhere to play after lunch.


Sasha was a little surprised at first, but she understood how Molly’s mother felt. Roxanne is indeed one weird woman.

“Oh, okay, but I don’t think she’ll be here in the afternoon,” Sasha said. “So, what’s up next?”

“Something about weeding, I think? Our kids should be able to handle that.” Karen took out a task card and passed it to Sasha.

Okay. It seems like a simple task.

After lunch, Sasha, Karen, and the children proceeded to their next task. They heard that they were allowed to bring home any crops they picked along the way.

Karen grew excited just thinking about it. “I wonder what kind of crops we can get there. Hopefully, we can find the beef and onion plant!”

“What kind of plant is that?” Sasha was not familiar with it as she did not grow up on the farm.

Karen grinned and started sharing her knowledge about the plant. “Let’s just say the taste of the leaves is heavenly, and it’s not easy to find!”


When they arrived at a plot of land over the hill, Karen found a tree and plucked the tip of the leaves that were maroon in color.

Sasha finally figured out what the woman was talking about.

It was a kind of traditional medicine people used to treat cold, flu, and diarrhea. In the past, Sasha had even kept some in the house just in case her children fell ill.

Sasha decided to harvest some of it after completing her task.

But Karen seemed to be a little obsessed with the plant. When Sasha was busy weeding out the grass on the land, Vivian ran over and told her both Karen and Molly had disappeared.

“Where have they gone to?” Sasha asked.

“No idea! They seem to have headed toward that direction to pick some leaves,” Vivian told her mother what she knew.

Sasha heaved a sigh at that.

When the sun began to set, Sasha panicked as it was time for all the participants to assemble.

“Let’s go and look for them. We have to head back to the assembly point soon,” she said.

“Okay, Mommy.” Vivian reached out her tiny hand for her mother to hold and headed to the hill to look for Karen and Molly.

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