The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 331

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 331

Roaring at him, Solomon had the urge to smash Sebastian head’s with a beer bottle.

He really is a madman!

How can someone like this be released from prison? Or even occupy such an important position? Are people who back him blind?

After bellowing a couple of times, Sebastian seemed to have snapped out of his rage.

Looking at the choking woman in front of him, he froze momentarily.

“Nancy, are you alright?”

Seizing the moment, Solomon quickly pried Sasha away from Sebastian’s hand.

The moment she was freed, Sasha desperately gasped for air, breathing as deeply as she could while holding onto her neck. Even her fingertips were shaking from the shock.

She realized that she had been seconds away from death.


When Vivian saw her mother being saved, she wailed desperately in Sebastian’s arms.

When Solomon heard her, he reached out his hands to carry her over.

However, having regained his senses, Sebastian avoided Solomon’s attempt to take the girl from him.

“What are you doing?”

“What am I doing? Sebastian. I’m trying to save your child. Do you not know what you just did? Hmm?”

Solomon’s gaze darkened as he looked at the other man; the look he gave Sebastian was tinged with pity.

Still holding her chest and heaving, Sasha glared at him when she heard his words.

“Save my child? It appears that you know everything about me. Solomon, who on earth are you? How do you always appear at the crucial moment of our quarrel? In fact, you even come here and provide her with an option to escape. Tell me, what is your agenda? Are you only aiming to have her? Or is there more to your plot?”

Speechless, Solomon didn’t expect Sebastian to be level-headed after going through such an emotional rollercoaster.

Not only was Sebastian not provoked, but he also managed to calmly question Solomon’s motives, causing the latter’s expression to drastically change.

Meanwhile, Sasha turned to look at him. This time, it was no longer one of blind trust but one of shock instead.

It was tinged with disbelief and anger.

When Solomon saw the look on her face, he panicked. “Nancy, let me explain…”

“What’s there to explain? Will you explain how you have known her all along? Or will you explain the fact that you, a shareholder of Prime Cloud Corporation, were trying to get close to her all along? Solomon, do you think that by breaking us up, she will go with you?”

Smirking, Sebastian interrupted him again.

Solomon’s face had lost all color then.

He had not expected to be exposed by Sebastian after waiting in the shadows for such a long time. It now appeared that the man had always been one step ahead of him.

“Sebastian Hayes!”

“What? Is that not enough for you? Would you want me to go on?”


Finally, someone ended the exchange.

However, it wasn’t Solomon, but Sasha, who did so with a seething expression.

At that moment, Sebastian complied while Solomon waited dejectedly for the backlash.

Given how the matter had developed, it made sense for Sasha to drop Solomon and return to Sebastian’s side.

However, what Sasha was about to say next would shock everyone. Turning her attention to Solomon, she remarked, “It’s time to board.”

Solomon was stumped.

Just when he was filled with despair, a lifeline was thrown at him. Nodding ecstatically, he picked up the luggage.

As for Sebastian, he was dumbfounded.

The matter unfolded in a way he had not expected at all. Gaping, he watched the two of them turn and walk away.

Meanwhile, when Vivian saw Sasha leaving, she began to struggle vehemently. “Mommy, mommy!”


Why did it turn out this way?

Finally, Sebastian recovered from his shock. Holding Vivian in his arms, he dashed forward like a madman. Reaching out to grab Sasha, he pulled her forcefully around.

“Why are you doing this? Didn’t I make myself clear?” Sebastian lashed out, overwhelmed with rage.

Sasha’s face was white as sheet when she felt his hand come into contact with her skin.

Despite seeing the fury in his eyes and the paleness of his lips, she gathered her courage.

“What he has done is nothing compared to what you and your father did to me. Sebastian, do you know how easy my choice is, given that you have destroyed everything I have?”

A deathly silence ensued.

Her words were like a knife that pierced right through his heart. Suddenly, he could feel a cold and dark sensation creep into him as if his world was about to collapse.

So, this is hell.

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