The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 332

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 332

Closing his eyes, he staggered backward…

“Vivi!” Sasha cried out in shock.

With quick reflexes, Solomon managed to catch Vivian, who was about to fall onto the ground.

Sasha heaved her sigh of relief when she saw her daughter in good hands. Lifting her gaze, she prepared to berate Sebastian for his carelessness. As she did so, she was stunned to see that the man’s cheeks looked moist.

She then realized that tears were rolling down from his closed eyes.

What beautiful eyelashes…

They were thick and slightly curled at their ends, just like two rows of fans. As they trembled and fluttered shut, they looked like wet butterfly wings that were fluttering desperately.

“Goodbye, Sasha.”

The man finally loosened his grip. After that, he turned around and left. Despite trudging ahead, he never did turn back.

Sasha stared blankly at him.

After a long while, Sebastian’s silhouette disappeared from the waiting area. Only then did Sasha suddenly feel as if something had been cut out from her.

As an excruciating pain seized her heart, she swooned for a moment before crouching down. Finally, she held her chest and bawled in agony.

We are… finally over.

By the time Roxanne found Sebastian after driving around for a long while, it was already dawn.

Since spring had arrived early in Avenport, it rained every day. That night was no exception. The woman had assumed that he would be at the airport but was surprised to see him when she was halfway there.

The man was stumbling along the road, looking like a corpse. Given that there wasn’t a soul around, and the airport was miles away, Roxanne realized that he had trudged his way in the rain the entire time.

Has he gone mad?

Does he have a death wish?

As her face paled, she stopped the car and dashed up to him. “Sebastian, what are you doing? Are you crazy? Why are you walking alone on the highway in such heavy rain? Are you trying to kill yourself?”

She was utterly furious.

Within that fury was a sense of unprecedented fear and panic.

However, the man looked as if he didn’t notice her presence at all. Staring blankly ahead, she could hardly see any color on his face due to the rain. The way he looked now was no different than that of a zombie.

Is this even real? How could a woman hurt him to this extent?

Where did his domineering aura and arrogance go? He is supposed to be Sebastian Hayes! De facto king of the city!

Roxanne’s eyes filled with hatred at the thought of Sasha hurting the man like that.

“How did she turn you into a hollow shell like this? What right does she have? I am the one that saved you. For eight years, I have taken care of you. How dare she!”

Clenching her teeth, she extended her hands toward him. When Sebastian put up a half-hearted struggle, she forcefully pressed on a spot behind his neck with her fingers.

The next moment, he collapsed into her embrace.

When she saw that he had finally calmed down, she mumbled, “Don’t be sad. I won’t let you remember this matter going forward. Both of us will live happily together, alright?”

Sasha finally boarded the plane.

Having cried earlier on, her emotions only calmed after a moment.

When Solomon saw her feeling better, he got another blanket for both mother and daughter. After all, it was cold in the aircraft cabin late at night.

However, just when he came over with the blanket in hand, he heard her remark in an icy tone. “Once we disembark from the plane, don’t ever let me see you again.”

Solomon was speechless.

The delight he had felt earlier was now replaced by despair.

“Nancy, I…”

“Although what you have done is nothing compared to what Sebastian did, it doesn’t mean I can pretend it didn’t happen. Solomon, after lying to me for so long, we are now even. I used you just now, and you deceived me. From now on, you should disappear from my sight!”

When Sasha raised her head, her expression was so cold that it sent a chill down his spine. At the same time, he could feel her razor-sharp gaze cut through his heart.

Solomon’s face fell.


It finally dawned upon him that she did mind the fact that he lied to her. Also, she had not chosen him out of them both.

All she did was leave him for later.

After dealing with Sebastian, it was now his turn to be held accountable. It was a heartless move on Sasha’s part indeed.

Solomon felt as if all hope was lost. “Nancy, do you really have to do this? I admit I lied to you, but I have never harmed you. Over the years, I have stayed by your side, and everything I did was to protect you.”

“Protect me?” Those words felt like a joke to her.

“Why do you want to protect me? I’m not related to you in any way. Why must you do so?”

“When I was twelve, I almost fainted from hunger in school. During that time, you were the only one who gave me a piece of bread to eat. From that moment on, I only had one goal in mind — to never let any harm come to you as long as I live.”

Solomon’s voice choked when he brought up what happened in the past.

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