The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 333

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 333

Twelve? That year, Sasha was eight and had just started primary three.

Did I ever give him a piece of bread?

Sasha couldn’t remember doing so at all. During that time, she had been engrossed with writing to the boy who had been locked up because of her. With her childish handwriting, she would write her letters word by word carefully.

Therefore, she couldn’t recall such an incident at all.

“I don’t need your protection, neither do I remember ever giving you anything. If I really did, I want to tell you that I regret doing so. My act of kindness doesn’t give you the right to manipulate me by pretending to be noble!”

Sasha’s words were extremely harsh.

Just like a knife, they cut through Solomon’s heart, causing him to go through an avalanche of emotions.

He had indeed pretended to be noble.

Despite claiming that he was protecting her for noble reasons, only he knew what his true agenda was.

He had gotten to know her in Clear for five years. When Sebastian brought her back to Avenport, he followed her there too. And then, there was Wall Street and also that night itself.

How dare he claim that he has not done anything to harm me?

If I remember correctly, the year he’s talking about was also the same year Xenia transferred to my school. Coincidentally, she was in primary six.

Sasha closed her eyes and didn’t say another word.

The next day, when the plane landed in Moranta, it was already daylight; another brand new day had arrived.

“Mommy, have we arrived?”

When Vivian got off the plane, she was greeted by the sight of unfamiliar buildings. She hugged her mother tightly, feeling nervous yet curious as she scanned her surroundings.

Picking her up, Sasha nodded. “That’s right. We’re here. From now on, both of us will be living together in this place.”

Despite missing her brothers, the young girl grunted in acknowledgment still.

When both of them left the airport, Solomon was nowhere to be seen. Sasha couldn’t care less about the man; all she wanted to do was hail a cab and head home.

A lanky youth suddenly called out to her, “Sha, over here.”

That was when she realized that Lance had come to pick them up.

Perhaps, Solomon informed him about my arrival before he left.

Devoid of emotion, Sasha picked Vivian up and handed her luggage to her cousin.

“What happened over at Wall Street? Have they investigated us yet?”

“No, Andy is dealing with it. It’s nothing major, really. So, there’s no need to worry,” Lance answered casually with the bags in his hands.

Sasha smirked in response.

About an hour later, the three of them arrived at their rental apartment. After putting Vivian in Lance’s care, she gave Andy a call.

She needed to inform him about her return, given that she was reliant on him going forward.

The woman decided to focus on work and nothing else. She endeavored to gather some amount of capital before her dad was released from prison.

After that, the Wand family would make a comeback.

As luck would have it, Andy and she successfully secured a couple of huge projects and amassed a massive amount of money.

One day, when Sasha saw the amount of savings she had, an idea suddenly struck her.

“Lance, now that we have the funds, I would like to buy back the Wand family home. Do you know who bought it during the auction back then?”

At that moment, Lance was going through the accounts.

Over the last few months, he had become quieter. He was no longer as talkative and clingy compared to the time he first arrived with Sasha.

As time passed by, the woman had gotten used to his new demeanor.

“Sure, I’ll find out and let you know,” he replied earnestly. Putting away the documents in his hands, he got on it right away.

A few minutes later, he found the answer.

“A man named Bryan Xander bought it. He’s probably from Avenport.”

“Great. Why don’t you find out what his contact number is and ask him if he intends to sell? I’m willing to pay him double of what he paid during the auction,” Sasha stated generously.

In truth, the Wand family home wasn’t worth that much. When she was five, they moved into the house after they arrived from the north. Rufus had just started his own business when he bought the place.

She was only willing to pay so much because the house contained many beautiful memories she had shared with her family.

Lance went to check at once. Meanwhile, a tiny little head peeked in to see what was going on.

Oh? Mommy and Uncle Lance are working. Should I use this opportunity to call Matt?

Standing by the door, Vivian’s eyes flittered around as she got lost in thought. The next moment, she turned and ran back to her room. There, she gave her brother a call.

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