The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 334

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 334

Ring… Ring…

“Hello?” Someone answered very quickly, much to Vivian’s delight.

“Matt, it’s me, Vivi. Did you miss me?”

“Yes, I did, Vivi. How have you been? Ian and I were worried when you didn’t call for an entire day.”

The moment the call connected, Matt complained incessantly.


An entire day? Didn’t I call them yesterday?

With the phone in her hand, Vivian looked puzzled.

Nevertheless, she was glad that her brothers missed her.

Pouting her lips, she ranted, “That’s all because of Mommy. Over the last few days, she was at home instead of working in the office. Hence, I didn’t manage to give you guys a call.”

Mommy’s not working?

Matteo was stunned when he heard it. “Why isn’t Mommy at work? Is it because she knows Daddy is engaged to Ms. Rocke…”

Before Matteo could finish, Ian sprang to his feet and cupped his brother’s mouth.

“Are you crazy? Why did you tell Vivi about it?”


When it dawned upon him that he shouldn’t have let the cat out of the bag, Matteo shut his mouth.

Fortunately, Vivian wasn’t someone attentive. Hence, she didn’t pick up on what Matteo had said.

“Matt, I heard Mommy instruct Uncle Lance to buy Grandpa’s house.”


The brothers were ecstatic at the news.

If she intends to buy Grandpa’s house, does it mean she’s planning to return soon?

Both boys turned excited at the idea.

However, when they suddenly heard the roar of a car from downstairs, their expressions changed. After reminding Vivian to take care of herself, they frantically ended the call on their smartwatch.

A few minutes later, Sebastian and Roxanne entered the house.

“What are both of you doing? Why do you look flustered?”

Sebastian had sharp observational skills. The moment he saw his sons come down, he noticed that they looked out of sorts.

Ian’s lips were sealed.

Racking his brains, Matteo explained, “It’s nothing really. We were just playing chess. By the way, Daddy, why did you come home so suddenly? Don’t you need to work today?”

“Work? No. Today, Roxanne and I are going to check out the hotel where we are going to hold our engagement banquet. Both of you should behave and obey Ms. Dolivo while we are away.”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Sebastian gave the boys a reminder as he headed upstairs.

The brothers were speechless.

What is he doing at home if he needs to check out the hotel?

Oh no! Is he looking for the household register? Does he want to register his marriage with that woman?

The same thought crossed their minds. The next moment, their expressions changed as they shifted their attention upstairs.

“Come over here, you cute little boys. Come and see what I have bought you. Ian, this is a limited edition Transformers toy. Also, Matteo, this is the golden game card that you have coveted all this while.”

Oblivious to what was going through the children’s minds, Roxanne brought out the gifts the moment she entered the house.

If it was in the past, the brothers would have loved the presents.

However, all they gave her now was a look of resentment. After exchanging pointed glances, both of them ran upstairs.

“Hey! What are both of you doing? Why did you run away? Don’t you want the presents I got you?”

Roxanne’s entire countenance turned awkward when she saw their response.

At that moment, Sebastian was searching for something in his bedroom on the third floor. Just when he pulled open the drawer, he heard a loud thud from downstairs. Jolted by it, he then heard a child’s cry ring out.



When he heard the shrieking cry, Sebastian dropped whatever he was doing and dashed out immediately.

“Are you alright? What happened?”

“Daddy, Matt fell down. He… He’s bleeding…”

On the second-floor staircase, both boys were bawling out loud. One had fallen down while the other was frightened.

Sebastian’s expression drastically changed when he saw the chaotic scene.

Dashing over, he quickly picked up the boy who had fallen. Matteo was crying his lungs out with his mouth full of blood.

“Someone! Prepare the car!” Sebastian was in a state of panic. Sprinting down the stairs, he dashed out of the house, ignoring Roxanne who was in the living hall.

Ian followed closely behind, wiping his tears as he ran after his father.

The moment he saw Roxanne, he gathered his composure and swore at her.

Roxanne was shocked; she hadn’t expected to be snapped at by a crying child.

Why does he harbor so much animosity toward me? It never used to be like that.

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