The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 337

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 337

Stepmother? Has Sebastian married Roxanne?

Her heart tightened painfully at the thought. For the past half-year, she had not felt anything at all.

But the moment she heard the news, she suddenly found it difficult to breathe.

The moment she called Jackson back, she spat out, “They… They are also his children. Does he not care?”

“If he cared, would this have happened? Let me tell you that the Rockes and the Hayes are closely intertwined now. Soon, they will be living together. If you don’t want your son to die in their hands, you have better come back at once!” Jackson raged before ending the call once more.

Sasha’s head began to spin.

Even the Rocke family has moved in?

Roxanne did mention that their families were supposed to have entered a marriage of convenience in the first place. Therefore, now that she has become Mrs. Hayes, there’s nothing strange about them moving in.

However, why do they need to torture my son?

Is it because Sebastian intends to have other children? Are they no longer important to him when he has new kids? Or is it because they are my children?

Sasha shut her eyes in anger.

Finally, she decided to return in person.

Meanwhile, Lance was delighted by her decision. The day she was due to fly, he woke up early on purpose to send her to the airport.

“Sha, don’t worry. I’ll hold the fort and take care of Vivi here.”


Sasha nodded plainly before boarding her flight in a rush.

After having had a night to think through the matter, she had managed to calm down. There was nothing else in her mind other than her children.

Having boarded the plane, she settled into her seat by the window. Coincidentally, the lady sitting beside her was a fellow Chanaean.

“I know, I know. This time, I will definitely take pictures of the best scenes. So, don’t worry boss. I will make sure our magazine sells out!”

After rambling on for a long time, the woman finally switched off her phone after the flight attendant had urged her to do so.

“I’m sorry, my boss is just really naggy. I hope I didn’t disturb you,” the lady apologized courteously when she noticed Sasha sitting beside her.

Sasha shook her head to show that she didn’t mind.

Just when she thought the girl would keep to herself, she took out a magazine.

“Here, this is a copy of our magazine. It’s really famous, and a lot of my articles are in there. Go ahead and take a look.”

“Thank you.”

Sasha accepted it graciously; she had nothing better to do anyway.

When she took a look, she realized that she had often seen the magazine on the streets of Moranta. It focused mainly on the entertainment industry and was more popular among youths.

“Oh, you’re a reporter. In that case, what story are you going to cover back in Chanaea?”

The lady reporter’s face lit up in delight at that question.

“The wedding of the century. Both sides come from prestigious backgrounds. If I can get a scoop, my magazine will definitely sell out.”

“Wedding of the century?”

Sasha chuckled at the term.

Since she’s an entertainment reporter, she probably means some famous superstars. After all, this is what their work revolves around.

Not giving it too much thought, Sasha returned the magazine to the lady before curling up to sleep.

I wonder if I will be able to take the children back with me.

It might turn into an ugly battle. Either that or I might be able to take them easily. After all, the children seem to be unwanted.

Sasha clenched her fists at that thought.

A few hours later, she arrived at the Avenport airport.

After putting on her sunglasses, she set foot in the city once again. For a fleeting moment, she was lost in thought.

Suddenly, someone patted on the back. “Miss, by the way, I forgot to ask you. What are you doing here? Did you come for work?”

It was the lady reporter again.

Regaining her senses, Sasha glanced at her, replying, “No, I’m from around here.”

The lady nodded. “I see. In that case…”

Sasha didn’t know what she was going to say. However, the lady’s face lit up when she looked in a particular direction. Her eyes seemed to be bursting out of their sockets.

“Wow! It really is the wedding of the century! Even the airport has a billboard of their wedding pictures!”

Shrieking in excitement, she pointed at the large LED screen.

Sasha turned to look in reflex.

The moment she saw it, her entire body tensed up.

“So, he’s the legendary Astoria tycoon. What a handsome young man! Look how exquisite his features are! They really do make him look like nobility. My God! If he joins the entertainment industry, all the current celebrities will pale in comparison.”

The lady was furiously taking pictures of the LED billboard.

Sasha just stood there, spacing out.

Her mind went blank the moment she saw the massive wedding photo. All she could hear was a buzzing sound in her ear and nothing else.

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