The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 338

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 338

This was her first time seeing Sebastian’s wedding photos.

When they got married back then, they didn’t take any. In fact, when they needed to register their marriage, Frederick had to piece two different pictures together.

Thinking about it now, Sasha felt that it was a shame.

But now, he and his first love were standing on the screen, blinding her.

The two looked destined to be together. The man looked dashing; every chiseled angle was a symbol of perfection.

As for Roxanne, she looked just like a princess, leaning submissively on him. Whoever saw her could feel the blissfulness she was exuding.

It turned out that the wedding of the century the lady reporter was talking about was their wedding.

Sasha didn’t know how long she stayed standing there, frozen to the spot.

It wasn’t until the seller, who was waiting at the old Hayes residence, gave her a call that she regained her senses.

“Hello? Ms. Wand? Have you gotten off the plane?”

“Yes. I’m heading over right now.” Recovering her gaze, Sasha ended the call and buried her emotions away.

After that, she left the airport with her luggage in hand.

She reminded herself that everything that was happening was no longer any of her business.

She soon arrived in the city.

Just like in the airport, the wedding photos were plastered on every billboard in the city. Furthermore, she could hear everyone talking about it everywhere she went.

Many of the hotels she wanted to stay in were filled with people.

Given how crowded it was, Sasha clenched her fingers and ordered the driver to take her to Old Town instead.

“Mister, take me to Horington, please.”

“Horington? Isn’t that place being marked for demolition? What are you going there for?”

The driver was surprised to hear her intended destination.

Sasha was stunned. “Demolished? Since when?”

The taxi driver replied, “This year. Ever since New Town was built, Old Town has slowly become deserted.”

This taxi driver must be a local given how much he knows.

Why didn’t Uncle Jackson tell me it’s going to be demolished? Furthermore, he must still be at Horington. He didn’t tell me to head elsewhere to find him.

Didn’t I give him quite a lot of money? Why didn’t he move?

Shocked by the revelation, she told the driver to hurry on over to Old Town.

The moment she arrived at Jackson’s house, she saw a sign outside that marked the place for demolition. It was so big — one would not miss it.

Why didn’t he tell me about this?

Sasha got out of the taxi at once and rushed into the compound.

“Uncle Jackson…”

“Are you crazy? Why did you ask her to come back today? Did you want her to see that jerk’s wedding? Why must you cause trouble at a time like this?”

Just when Sasha called out, she heard the voice of a middle-aged woman sound from the second floor. She sounded extremely angry.

Sasha held her tongue at once.

The voice belonged to her aunt, Sharon.

Ever since Xenia died, Sasha didn’t dare talk to her aunt anymore — especially after the woman had slapped her. Whenever she heard Sharon’s voice, she would subconsciously be seized by fear and nervousness.

“Why are you accusing me of causing trouble? Am I not doing this for the two children? Didn’t you see how badly Matteo was beaten?”

“Why do you need to ask her to come back? That daughter of Trevor’s is obviously not one to be trifled with. If that silly girl returns and catches wind of the wedding, do you think she will have it easy? Let me remind you, she might end up getting triggered and end up doing something foolish. When that happens, the boys will be worse off from it,” Sharon berated her husband.

Jackson fell silent in response.

Meanwhile, Sasha had heard their entire exchange…

Aunt Sharon is wrong. The wedding has no impact on me whatsoever.

However, she couldn’t tolerate what she heard her aunt say about the children.

What does she mean by the boys will have it worse?

Does she mean that they are suffering under Roxanne now? Where are they now, and what sort of condition are they in?

Given that their wedding is today, where will they leave my children?

Sasha didn’t dare think any further. When she felt the pain in her chest reverberate throughout her body, she didn’t care for anything else.

With that, she turned and left.

She knew she had to track down her sons first…

At Royal Court One, Frontier Bay.

Ian and Matteo were both dressed like gentlemen. Looking dashing and adorable, they were waiting for someone to pick them up.

“Why isn’t Mommy here yet?”

“Be patient!”

Ian, who had always lacked a general sense of security, began to worry when there was no sign of Sasha still.

Matteo reached out his hand to pat his brother in reassurance.

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