The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 339

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 339

“Don’t worry, she’ll be back for sure. The last thing she wants would be to see her children suffer. Just wait and see. Once we reach the hotel, we’ll be able to see her there,” Matt consoled Ian like an experienced grown-up.

Ian felt as if a weight had been lifted off him when he heard that.

The two brothers waited until the bride had arrived, but there was still no sign of their mother. They were disappointed to say the least.

What’s going on?

Does our mother no longer want us anymore?

Matteo started to worry a little, and all of a sudden, something occurred to him.

“Cr*p! Do you think she has gone to Frontier Bay instead?”

Ian’s eyes lit up upon hearing that.

It can’t be!

How can she be that stupid?

What do we do now? Sh*t! Daddy isn’t here either. Has he gone to Frontier Bay as well?

The duo saw a hint of panic in each other’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Sasha had indeed arrived at Frontier Bay.

She had come here because she was sure that her two children would be made to stay at home while their father was getting married to that woman. After all, they had been treated so badly that Sasha could not imagine that they would be invited to the engagement party.

When she arrived, she saw that the lawn was still as luxurious and majestic as before. Hardly anything had changed since she was here six months ago. Flowers were still blooming everywhere. The huge villa, which was located on the hillside, was as grand as a castle.

Still, why is it so quiet here?

Sasha felt something was amiss.

She dismissed her uneasy feeling and was more concerned about not getting spotted by the security guards. As such, she pulled her cap lower and hastily went around to the back of the garden.

Going in on all fours would be the most ideal way.

Sasha jumped off from the fence and was about to go to the second floor to find her sons when someone appeared at that moment.

“Do we need to move these items to Rose Villa?”

“I don’t think so. Mr. Hayes didn’t mention anything. I don’t think it’s appropriate though.”

The voices seemed to come from the housemaids.

Rose Villa?

What are they talking about? Are they referring to the new house?

Perhaps, the two of them have gotten another place as their marital home? That will explain why it is so quiet here. Even the servants are talking like this.

The exceptionally smart Sasha figured it out at once.

Immediately, her face turned pale, and a suffocating discomfort swept over her.

After around a couple of minutes, the two servants finally left. Sasha calmed herself down and continued to tiptoe.

Will the two boys still be able to stay here if that’s the case?

If Sebastian and Roxanne were not staying here anymore, Sasha doubted that they would take Ian and Matt with them seeing how much they were being detested. What will happen to the boys now?

Please don’t tell me that they will be staying with Frederick.

The more Sasha thought about it, the worse she felt.

“Matt? Little Ian? Where are you guys?”


Suppressing her fury, she went through all the rooms looking for her children.

Unfortunately, there was no sight of them on the second floor.

That’s strange. Where have they gone to?

Sasha began to get a little panicky. Just as she was about to go to the hanging garden, she heard the sound of someone coming into the villa.

“Mr. Hayes, why are you back here? We received a call from the hotel, and they said Ms. Rocke is already there. Why aren’t you there yet? The ceremony is about to start.”

“I know. I’ll be right there.”

Sasha freaked out at the sound of the deep, manly voice coming from downstairs.

Oh my God! It’s Sebastian!

Isn’t he supposed to be at his own wedding? What is he doing here?

In a state of panic, she turned back from the hanging garden and sneaked into one of the rooms before he came upstairs.

He mustn’t find me here. Otherwise, I will die a horrible death!

Sasha had never been so scared in her life.

It was indeed Sebastian who had returned to the villa.

Today was the day of his engagement party with Roxanne. However, he had only just returned from the office, and there was no makeup artist with him.

All he wanted was a change of clothes.

Just as he reached the second floor, he realized that something was not right.

The children would always close the doors after they left their rooms.

In addition, the air no longer smelled of the disinfectant anymore.

He frowned.

All the while, Sasha was hiding in the room, not daring to make a single sound.

Thankfully, she did not have to hide for too long. Perhaps, as a result of the servant’s reminder, Sebastian had gone up to the third floor and then rushed off in a hurry.

He had finally left.

With that, Sasha let out a sigh of relief.

She ran to open the door and planned to get out of there soonest.


Her scream burst out without warning, and it could be heard throughout the entire second floor.

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