The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 340

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 340

It’s too horrifying!

Is he a ghost? I heard him go downstairs a while ago. How does he appear outside this room now? Does he not realize that he could have given me a heart attack?

Sasha’s mind went blank.

Sebastian was standing outside the door and glaring at her.

His expression was terrifying like a violent storm was brewing. Nevertheless, she found it strange that there was no other emotions on his face.

Don’t tell me that after six months, this is all I meant to him?

Sasha stared at him in a daze.

“You’re not dead yet?”


Sasha’s mind went blank for a moment. She had no idea what he was talking about.

In the end, her reaction angered him further. “How dare you lie to me!”


Before Sasha could react, he had already grabbed hold of her collar and pinned her against the door panel.

“Mmm…” She had not expected such a reaction from him. In a split second, she started struggling in horror.

“S-Sebastian, let go of me. Sebastian…”

“Let go of you? I can’t believe you still have the cheeks to say that! Sasha, you’re really brave. How dare you pretend to be dead! Since you like to play dead that much, I’ll grant you that wish today!”

The moment he finished speaking, his fingers went around her neck and squeezed tightly.

“Mr. Hayes! What are you doing? Let go of her!”

It was a good thing that Wendy had heard the commotion and came running upstairs. She rushed forward at the crucial moment and put a stop to the madness.

Sasha’s face had already turned a shade of deep purple!

When Sebastian finally released his grip, she slumped beside Wendy and started to cough violently.

Why is he behaving like this?

What exactly is going on? Why is he behaving the same way like he saw her a long time ago?

Sasha was so terrified that she was trembling all over with tears in her eyes. She kept staring at him with a fearful look like a deer in fright.

Wendy whispered in her ears, “Ms. Wand, Mr. Hayes’ memories with you have been erased by Ms. Rocke using hypnosis.”

“What did you say?”

Sasha was thunderstruck!

His memories have been erased through hypnosis?


She felt her blood turn cold all of a sudden, like a knife that had been plunged deep into her heart. At that instance, she looked bewildered at the man who wanted to kill her and felt her heart aching so badly.

Wendy could sense her disbelief, and she added, “Don’t you worry, Ms. Wand. It wasn’t Ms. Rocke’s idea. Mr. Hayes asked her to do it. When you left six months ago, he came back and fell seriously ill. Once he got better, he went to see Ms. Rocke.”

Of course, the housemaid’s tone was not as cordial as before. Her dissatisfaction with Sasha was apparent throughout her words.

Sasha was about to say something but found herself to be at a loss for words.

All she felt was a chill running down her spine She was so shocked that her face went pale as she froze.

“Detain her!” Since Sebastian had lost that part of his memories, he behaved like a completely different man.

Right now, all he wanted to do was to deal with the woman who had lied to him for the past five years in the cruelest manner possible!

Wendy was instantly stunned.

“Please, Mr. Hayes. Don’t do this. Let her go for the sake of the children.”

“Children?” He was out for Sasha’s blood and had no wish to listen to anybody. Instead, he sneered, “Is she even fit? What has it got to do with her?”

Sasha was speechless.

Before she could say anything, a few bodyguards had already appeared at Sebastian’s command.

Subsequently, Sasha was in their custody.

By then, she was in a daze and wondered what was going on. There was no protest or struggle from her.

Wendy, on the other hand, felt sorry for her and tried to talk to Sebastian, “Mr. Hayes, where are you taking her to? Don’t forget it’s your engagement with Ms. Rocke today. You will have to be at the hotel later on.”

Nobody seemed to listen to her.

Now that Sebastian’s memories had been reset to the beginning, the murderous look in his eyes remained throughout with no hint of dissipating.

In the meantime, after more than an hour of waiting, Roxanne had finally received news of the happening at Frontier Bay.

“Ms. Rocke, Mr. Hayes had taken Ms. Wand away. She had turned up at the villa, and Mr. Hayes became furious after seeing her. He said he wants to feed her to the dogs and ends up detaining her.”

“What did you say? Feed her to the dogs?”

Roxanne was both mad and happy when she heard the news.

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