The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 341

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 341

Roxanne was furious about Sasha’s sudden appearance and the disruption to her engagement.

However, she was also happy to hear that Sebastian wanted to feed Sasha to the dogs.

Since Sasha became dog food, Roxanne thought that there was no point in being upset about her anymore.

After all, Roxanne and Sebastian would soon be engaged and married later. Therefore, Sasha’s presence was not a big deal.

With that in mind, Roxanne soon figured what she had to do. She went to reassure both Sebastian and her parents to prevent them from disrupting this matter. She told them that Sebastion would be late due to something urgent in the company.

Upon hearing hear her explanation, both families calmed down.

However, Ian and Matteo were still worried.

“Why is Mommy not here yet?” Ian said.

Even after the end of the engagement ceremony, Sasha did not appear. Ian was so disappointed that he was about to cry.

Matteo was disappointed too, but when he saw that Ian was about to cry, he comforted him and said, “Don’t cry. We can ask Granduncle Jackson whether Mommy is here.”

“Okay,” Ian said. He calmed down slightly and followed Matteo to look for Jackson.

By the time they found out about Sasha, she had been locked up in a dog pound overnight.


Sasha heard an impatient voice when she woke up in her prison the next day morning. Soon, the door opened, and a uniformed worker threw in a bowl of meat soup and two eggs.

Sasha looked at the food and said nothing.

The worker said, “Eat up now. Mr. Hayes said that you need to fatten up before we can feed you to the dogs. Do you understand?”

Sasha did not want to respond. She stood and looked out of the window in a daze.

She was on the first floor of a small two-story house. She found her living condition decent. The house was clean, and she had a good view of the mountains from the window.

Is this a dog pound?

Since when does he have such a cruel hobby? He actually raises a pack of dogs here.

Sasha felt a wave of irritation as the dogs kept barking. She brought her breakfast from the table and began to eat slowly.

Now, she had woken up completely.

She was not afraid to be sent to the dogs.

Instead, she was more concerned about the deletion of Sebastian’s memories. She never expected this to happen.

Her face turned pale.

Woof, woof, woof…

Suddenly, the dogs began to bark madly in the dog pound below.

Her eyes widened at the noise as if sensing something. She set aside the bowl of soup and rushed to look out of the window.

As expected, a striking black Aston Martin traveled along the winding mountain road toward the dog pound. The dogs barked at it wildly.

“Mr. Hayes, you’re here.” The dog pound worker rushed out of the house to welcome the person in the car.

That person was Sebastian.

Sasha clenched her fists. She saw him stepping out of the car, tall and dignified, but his handsome face devoid of any expression. He seemed cold like an iceberg.

Sasha felt her heart sank.

Everything was now back to square one, and she did not know how to face him.

“Where’s she?” Sebastian asked.

“Upstairs as per your instruction. I gave her the most nutritious food yesterday night and this morning. However, she’s so thin and small. I think she needs to fatten for at least a month before she’s good enough for the dogs.”

Sasha was rendered speechless.

He’s serious about feeding me to the dogs?

Then, Sasha saw that Sebastian was coming up and panicked. She sat at the dining table hurriedly and took up the spoon again.

Sebastian came in a couple of minutes later.

“You’re… you’re here…” Sasha stuttered.

“Cut the act. I’ll have you know that feeding you to the dog is an act of mercy on my part.” That was the first thing Sebastian said upon seeing her. Ever since he lost his memories, his temper grew worse than compared to the time he chased her down at Clear.

Sasha did not say anything and ate the soup quietly.

When Sebastian saw that she didn’t argue, his expression softened slightly. Then, he kicked a chair over impatiently, sat on it, and said, “How did you fake your death?”

“Oh, the gynecologist helped me,” Sasha said.

“The gynecologist?” Sebastian asked.

“Yes, she’s my mother’s friend. She saw what I was going through and found out that I would be unhappy if I returned to your home. So after the children were born, she sent me off to Clear,” Sasha said calmly.

She did not hide the truth from him this time. Since he already knew about it, there was no point in lying.

Sebastian crossed his legs, and his expression froze for a moment.

Although he lost his memories, he still remembered their marriage and how they came to have children.

Therefore, when Sasha said that she would be unhappy with him, it hurt his pride.

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