The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 342

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 342

“Why did you come back now? You never showed up even once in five years. Don’t tell me it’s because of my engagement,” Sebastian said with hatred in his eyes.

Sasha was eating an egg at this moment.

When she heard him, she had to chew the egg in her mouth for a long time before she could swallow it.

Does he have to be so narcissistic?

However, he has always been like this. Even when he first found me in Clear, he behaved like this too. He keeps thinking that I still have feelings for him.

Sasha felt sick in the pit of her stomach.

“You have misunderstood. I only want to see my children,” Sasha said.

“See your children? Why do you want to see them? You have never raised them. They have nothing to do with you,” Sebastian said harshly.

Sasha was rendered speechless.

She told herself to hold her temper, as he did not remember anything. Furthermore, she reminded herself that she was doing this for the sake of her children.

Sasha put down the spoon and took a sip of warm water. When her throat felt better, she looked up at Sebastian again and said, “Sebastian, I come here because I heard you’re getting married, but it was not for you. I’m here for the children.”

“What did you say?” Sebastian said.

“What I mean is since you’re getting married and will have a new family, can we talk things out? Can you let me raise the children instead?” Sasha asked.

“Let you raise them?” Sebastian had a sullen expression a moment ago, but now, he seemed on the verge of laughing. “Sasha, is something wrong with your head? How dare you come back to steal my children from me?”

Sasha thought that no one had such skewed logic as him.

She explained quickly, “I don’t mean it that way. I just thought that now you’re getting married, you will have other children. It would be difficult to take care of many children, so I thought to help share your burden.”

Her words sounded sincere.

She feared that if she sounded too harsh, he would lose his temper and ruin all chances for negotiation.

Unfortunately, even after she humbled herself, Sebastian would not budge at all.

“Stop pretending to be kind. I know you’ve ulterior motives. How dare you say that you want to help? You pretended to be dead and never asked about your children in the past five years. Listen carefully, Sasha. They’re my children. No matter how many other children I have, I’ll raise them myself. I don’t need your concern,” he said through gritted teeth and slammed the table when he stood up.

Sasha’s face turned pale.

Is he planning to have more children with that woman?

She felt as if he stabbed her heart with a knife.

However, she forced herself to calm down quickly and not to think about that. After all, she came here for her children.

“Sebastian, please don’t do this. I… I admit that I was wrong. Can you let me see them? I’m their mother.” Sasha stood up and rushed to hold onto him.

However, Sebastian pushed her away in disgust. “You still think that you deserve to be their mother? Dream on!”

Sasha could not say anything in response.

She stood there and looked at his furious and cold expression quietly.

Suddenly, she remembered that they were now back in square one. To Sebastian, she was the woman who lied to him and pretended to be dead for five years. She had nothing going for her.

Therefore, Sasha slumped back onto the chair dejectedly.

After Sebastian left, Sasha was alone once again. She looked at the worker below and wondered what orders Sebastian gave about her before he left.

The worker started feeding her with even more food!

Is he seriously planning to feed me to the dogs? It seems that Sebastian is determined to kill me.

Sasha began to panic.

Fortunately for her, another car arrived at around three o’clock in the afternoon.

Woof, woof, woof…

The dogs began to bark again when they saw the car.

The worker rushed out and said, “Who are you? Who let you come here? Don’t you know what this place is?”

“I know this is Sebastian’s dog pound? Step aside! I’m here to kill the dogs!” A man dressed colorfully like a peacock came out of the car and took out a large baseball when he saw the worker rushing to him.

The worker panicked.

Even Sasha was shocked as she watched from upstairs.

Isn’t that Brandon? Why is he here?

The worker did not dare to stop him because he recognized him. He was Hayes’ ruthless cousin.

Therefore, Brandon went ahead with his baseball bat. Soon, blood-curdling cries of dogs filled the air. Sasha gulped and saw the worker rush in hurriedly.

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