The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 343

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 343

“Mr. Emmanuel, please don’t kill them! Mr. Hayes will kill me if you do, argh!”

This is really a bad luck.

Sasha did not dare to look anymore and hid in her room.

He’s scary. I don’t want him to find me here. Otherwise, I’ll be in trouble.

However, right after that thought, a series of footsteps came from outside. Someone pushed the door open.

Sasha gasped.

“D*mn! You’re locked up here. Are you an idiot? Why do you come back at this time? Don’t you know that he’s crazy?” Brandon began scolding her the moment he saw her.

Sasha gaped at him.

Huh, let him say whatever he wants. I can’t argue with him anyway.

After scolding her for around five minutes, Brandon finally stopped and said, “Now, leave with me before that b*stard comes back.”

“Leave this place?” Sasha was astounded. “Where do we go?”

Brandon suddenly became angry again. “We’re leaving here, of course. Don’t tell me you want to be locked up by that maniac. He can’t remember anything now. If he goes mad one day, he might just feed you to the dogs.”

Sasha didn’t know what to say.

She resisted her temper and asked, “How do you know that I’m here?”

Brandon said, “Your sons told me. They called me and said that their father abducted you. I investigated and found that he brought you to a dog pound. That crazy b*stard!”

Brandon was furious again and wanted to lash out at someone.

When Sasha heard that her sons called him here, her eyes brightened.

Initially, she thought she should stay since it meant she could see Sebastian again. It would give her another chance to discuss with him about their children.

However, Brandon said that her children asked him to save her.

Sasha was touched and decided to escape with him.

Meanwhile, Sebastian was in the midst of a meeting. When Luke answered a call from the dog pound worker, he spurted tea onto the keyboard. “What did you say? Mr. Hayes imprisoned madam in the dog pound?”

“No, Mr. Scott, you have misunderstood. It’s not madam, but a woman by the surname Wand. What I want to tell you is not her imprisoned here, but that Mr. Brandon has abducted her.” Even though the worker was in shock, he did not forget to correct Luke.

Luke looked at his keyboard.

He did not react immediately. Instead, he let his mind process the news and took a few tissues to wipe the tea on the keyboard. Then, he said to the worker calmly, “Since it was Mr. Brandon who took her away, you don’t need to panic.”

“But…” the worker said.

“That’s enough. I’ll handle this matter, so don’t worry.” Luke hung up and did not seem nervous at all.

In the past, such a matter would cause the company to be in an uproar. But now, why was Luke drinking tea so calmly?

Therefore, there must be something strange about this.

Meanwhile, Sasha followed Brandon to his place.

“You wait here for a while. I’ll go pick up the two little rascals,” Brandon said.

“Huh?” Sasha was surprised. “You… you’re going to pick them up? Where are they? Have you arranged to meet them?”

“Of course, you idiot!” Brandon sneered and left.

Sasha knew that Brandon detested her. Since the first day they met, he labeled her an idiot.

Therefore, Sasha could only remain in his house obediently.

Half an hour later, she was ecstatic to see that Brandon brought her children back as he said.

“Mommy!” Ian and Matteo shouted excitedly as they got out of the car. They finally get to see their mother, so they ran to her.

Sasha wept and hugged the two boys tight in her arms.

“Sweeties, I finally get to see you both. I’m so glad. Are both of you both well?” She could barely speak in her tears. She continued to hug them tightly and refused to let them go.

Ian and Matteo were rather mature for their age. They shook their heads to indicate that they were well.

However, Sasha would not believe so easily.

She remembered the photograph and let go of them. Then, she held Matteo’s face to examine him. “Come here, Matt. Let me see your injuries.”

Matteo did not say anything.

Ian stood beside him and did not dare to make a sound.

It was because they both lied to Sasha.

“My goodness! Where are your teeth? Did she pull them off?” Sasha realized that two front teeth were missing from Matteo’s mouth and shook in fury.

Ian pursed his lips and was about to explain to Sasha when Brandon burst into fury.

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