The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 344

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 344

“What do you mean? Did someone hit him? Who dared to hit him, knowing he was Sebastian’s son? Who the f*ck is this person?”

The man instantly blurted.

Sasha’s eyes were red. She didn’t want to say it, but she couldn’t hold it in in the end. “It’s Roxanne! She’s the one who abuses them!”

“What did you say? Roxanne!” Even Brandon got agitated. He couldn’t believe what he heard.

“F*ck! Is Sebastian stupid? How can he let that b*tch abuse his sons? Is he retarded? He is neglecting his son for the sake of that woman.”

He looked so angry, as if he was about to settle the score with Sebastian.

However, Sasha wasn’t in the mood to care about any of this. All she wanted to do was to take her children away, as far away as possible.

That was just how she was. Whenever something like this happened, all she wanted was to run away with them.

Maybe she knew she didn’t have the strength to go against that man.

Additionally, she was mentally tired and didn’t want to experience any of this anymore. They got married, while she took good care of the children. Is that not good? She would let Sebastian and Roxanne have their way.

“Brandon, can you help me once more?”

“What is it?”

“I want to take them away. Can you think of a way without… Sebastian finding out?” She was sobbing, and her eyes were red.

Brandon was stunned.

That was actually the second time she requested help to escape. However, the last time they tried to escape, they were caught by that prick and failed.

What about this time?

Brandon decided that he would help them escape this time, no matter what.

Matteo and Ian were looking at them quietly without making a sound. When they finally heard their mommy’s final decision to take them away again.

And the brainless Uncle Sebastian agreed without any hesitation.

The two little kids were dumbfounded!

That wasn’t what they wanted.

Matteo watched as the both of them walked out. He cradled his little head sorrowfully. “Oh no. If Mommy takes us away again, Daddy will be in huge trouble.”

Ian… had the same sentiment.

Because Daddy had changed, unlike Daddy from before. He loathed Mommy and had no feelings for her.

But what could they do?

The children thought about it for a long time and finally decided to change the strategy.

“Uncle Sebastian, regarding this matter, I don’t think we should leave yet.”


Brandon, sitting in front of the computer looking for an underground arms dealer for a helicopter, heard their conversation. He turned around and saw the children who were already in his room.

Matteo displayed a worried expression and said, “Think about it. What kind of person is my daddy? His influence spans every corner of the world. If you were to take us away, how can you guarantee that he won’t find us later?”


Brandon was rendered speechless by the words of a five-year-old boy.

Indeed, that possibility shouldn’t be ruled out.

That man was way too incredible. If he were to find out that Sasha took the kids away, he would have them found one way or another. The last time this woman escaped, she hid in the mountains at Yartran, but he found her eventually.

She had a brutal ending.

Brandon suddenly shivered.

“Brandon, Mommy made that decision was because she lost her mind after seeing me getting beaten. It would be best if you didn’t do the same, or else we’ll be really done for.”

After the cheeky Matteo saw the brainless Brandon influenced by his words, he simply hugged his arms and started to act skittish.

He acted like a sorry little puppy, melting everyone’s heart.

Brandon finally gave in…

Downtown at Hayes Corporation

Luke broke the news to Sebastian, who just came out from a meeting. As expected, his reactions were not as furious as before.

There was a hint of anger, but insignificant compared to the past.

“What then?”

“Then, I sent someone to follow him and found out that he brought Ms. Wand home. And not long after, he also got Ian and Matteo there and even brought her to Rocke residence.”

Luke hesitated while telling his findings from the investigation.

Just as he finished, the atmosphere of the office instantly went cold.

“The Rocke residence? Why did he bring her there? Does he have a death wish?

Sebastian’s words were so gentle but intimidating.

Luke was sweating bullets.

“I’m not very sure. But Mr. Hayes, didn’t you say Ms. Wand came for the children this time? Maybe she went to look for Ms. Rocke to talk about the kids.”

“I heard that Mr. Matteo went to his granduncle’s house before this. Do you think they may have already complained to Ms. Wand about it? Otherwise, Ms. Wand would not return at this time. If they have already made a complaint, and they are looking for Ms. Rocke at this time…”

Luke couldn’t continue.

Sebastian looked grim.

“She has some nerve!”

Those were the last words he said.

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