The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 345

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 345

Instead, Sasha went to Rocke residence with Brandon.

Initially, she wanted him to arrange for them to leave the country secretly. But the man analyzed to her that the solution would not resolve the root cause of the problem. If Sebastian got angry, there was no guarantee he wouldn’t be able to find them.

And things would end terribly.

Thus, Sasha was convinced and she went to Rocke residence instead.

“Sasha, after we go in, don’t mention anything else. Just discuss the kids with her, understand? She doesn’t like seeing those two children anyway. I believe she would agree to persuade Sebastian to give up the children.”

While Brandon was driving to Rocke Residence, he reminded Sasha again not to lose control.

“Okay,” Sasha replied.

For the sake of the two children, she would never start a fight.

However, it sounded a little ironic. She wanted the children she had with that man, but she had to depend on another woman. Was it because he loved her more?

Soon, they arrived at Rocke residence..

As the Rocke family had always been abroad, they did not procure any new properties. Thus, when they arrived, all they saw was the same old house.

However, they were still a wealthy family, and the old house was still well maintained.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Excuse me, we are here to see Ms. Rocke. Is she home?”

When someone came out of the residence, Brandon got out of the car first and took the initiative to introduce himself and his reason for coming, worried that Sasha’s tone might put her off.

The person checked out the both of them and asked, “You’re looking for Ms. Rocke? Well, she’s in, but who are you people? Do you have an appointment?”

Brandon instantly gave out a warm smile, “Yes, of course. We already have an appointment. You’ll understand after you bring us into the house.”

For a person who had been in the entertainment industry for a long time, his lies were indeed slick.

Finally, Sasha and Brandon were brought into the house.

They saw a house of historical value, a completely different scenery detached from the modern world as they entered the house. Although it looked old, the lush environment felt surreal.

“Madison, who’s here?”

“Mrs. Rocke, They’re friends of Ms. Rocke. They are looking for her.”

The housemaid who brought in Sasha and Bandon heard a voice came from the courtyard and hurriedly answered.

Roxanne’s friends?

What kind of friends can she have here?

Mrs. Rocke had her suspicions. And Sasha, who was about to meet with Roxanne, saw a graceful and elegant middle-aged woman appearing before her as she crossed the crescent-shaped arch bridge.

‘It’s actually you?”

No one expected for Mrs. Rocke to actually know Sasha.

Sasha stopped walking, and looked towards the middle-aged woman. “Madam, do you know me?”

Mrs. Rocke’s face turned dark. “How could I not know you? Aren’t you Sebastian’s ex-wife? So you have actually come back? And the reason Sebastian was not present at the engagement was because of you?”

Sasha remained quiet.

He didn’t go to the engagement that day?

She was a little surprised.

Soon after, she recalled the man’s current behavior, and she denied that this matter had nothing to do with her. Because at this stage, she would never expect him to not get engaged because of her.

Stop dreaming Sasha!

Sasha calmed down and said, “Madam, you must have misunderstood. Indeed, I came back that day, but I was thrown to the dog pound immediately. I only managed to escape today.”

‘What? Dog pound?”

Mrs. Rocke was slightly doubtful.

But it couldn’t be denied, she was very happy to hear that.

As long as Sasha wouldn’t jeopardize the affairs of her daughter and son-on-law, there was nothing to be unhappy about.

Mrs. Rocke changed to a warmer expression. “If that’s the case, why are you here today? Given your relationship with Roxanne, I don’t think you know each other so well that you’ll come over and visit her. Am I right?”

“No. I came to see Ms. Rocke to seek her help.”

“What kind of help?”

“To see if she can help me talk to Sebastian for him to leave the two children to me.” Finally, Sasha explained her true intentions for coming over.

And the courtyard became silent.

Taking the two children away was indeed beneficial for the Rocke family.

Well, once Roxanne is married into the Rocke family, she would be expecting her own child very soon. When that happens, there wouldn’t be any other children other than theirs.

And that would be excellent for them.

Mrs. Rocke wanted to agree.

However, at the same time, another person suddenly came to the courtyard. It wasn’t Roxanne, but a middle-aged man that had similar eyebrows to Roxanne.

After he heard Sasha, he became gloomy. “Ms. Wand, what are you talking about? How could you let our daughter do such a thing? Are you trying to jeopardize their relationship as husband and wife?


Sasha’s face changed.

Who is this man? Could he be Roxanne’s father, Trevor Rocke?

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