The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 346

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 346

She squeezed her fingers tightly and took a deep breath. She explained, “No. Since both of them are married, I just thought they would have their own children in the future. If my two children stayed with them, they would have no time to take care of them.”

“That’s their problem, Ms. Wand. If my daughter were to do this, Sebastian would assume that my daughter couldn’t handle those two children. Do you want my daughter to be labeled as a wicked woman after just getting married to the Hayes family?”


Sasha didn’t utter a word for four to five seconds.

The anger that she had endured for such a long time began to writhe again in her chest. She could hardly control herself.

Isn’t his daughter a wicked woman already?

She has beaten the children to this extent even before marrying into the Hayes family. And he dared to say that she instigated them?

“Mr. Rocke, why don’t we ask your daughter instead? She might agree.” Sasha held back her anger and asked.

Unfortunately, the opponent didn’t give in to her kind words.

Trevor waved his hand, and two servants immediately came over. “Send her off! What the he*l is this? No wonder Rufus would end up like that. It turns out that the Wand family is of the same kind.”

Sasha did not like what she heard.

As if something exploded in her head with a bang, her blood boiled throughout her entire body, and her eyes immediately filled with blood red.

“What did you say? About my father? About the Wand family?”

She rushed forward and interrogated Trevor furiously.

But Trevor didn’t respond. Suddenly, Roxanne came out of the house to check out the commotion.

“Sasha Wand, what are you doing shouting at my father?”


Sasha finally saw the person she wanted to meet. She faced Roxanne and exclaimed, “What am I doing? I’m here to seek justice for my son!”

“Justice? What justice? Are you mad? Did you come to my house seek trouble?”

“Am I mad? Yes, I’m mad. But it was all because of you. Roxanne, you are a doctor. How could you be so heinous? Matteo is only five years old, and you were abusive towards him. Are you not afraid of karma?”

Sasha’s anger reached its boiling point, and she eventually blurted out the words that she should never have said.

Well, her actual reason for coming over was to settle the score for her son.

However, what infuriated her, even more was that the woman denied everything she said.

“Nonsense. When have I ever hit Matteo? Are you crazy?”

“You still deny it? I knew all about it. Roxanne, don’t you think no one would find out what you did. I already knew everything that you have done. If you agree to help me today, then I won’t look into it any further. But if you won’t, don’t blame me for what I’m about to do to your marriage!”

Sasha was fuming with rage, she even threatened Roxanne.

But in reality, she didn’t have such intentions.

However, Roxanne’s expression turned grim after hearing it.

“Excuse me? I dare you to say that again!”

She then kept quiet without anger, nor expression. She just gave Sasha a bone-chilling glare like a phantom that appeared out of thin air.

Sasha staggered.

She felt a sudden chill down her spine and subconsciously took a step back.

But it was too late. Roxanne dashed forward and slapped her in the face.


Everyone in the courtyard froze.

Brandon, who was behind Sasha watching, jumped forward after witnessing the slap. “What are you doing? Why did you hit her?”

“What’s the big deal? Our engagement wasn’t successful that day because of her! She dared to jeopardize our marriage. So what if I hit her?”

Roxanne’s expression was hideous.

No one knew when her carefree personality changed. She used to be a single-minded person, with nothing else other than her beloved career and research work in her mind.

But now, as Sasha was holding her face while looking at her, she suddenly thought of Xandra, who also had the distorted, hideous look at that time.

And it was menacing.

How did she become like this?

Brandon was really outraged.

“God da*n it! You’re asking for it!” He roared and kicked Roxanne without hesitation.


Her shriek filled the entire courtyard.

After Brandon sent Roxanne flying with his kick, everyone froze once again. And boom. She pummeled onto the ground.

Good god!

Even Sasha forgot about the pain on her face after seeing that.

Even Sebastian, who had just arrived, had his veins violently popped all over his body after watching the entire scene.

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