The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 348

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 348

Sasha was brought to the dog pound again.

“Tie her up with extra chains this time!”

Upon arriving at the place, the man who was full of hostility dragged her out of the car. Immediately after that, he ordered the person who was watching the dogs to get some metal chains to lock her up.

An overwhelming sense of panic washed over Sasha as she started to struggle. “What are you doing, Sebastian? I’m not a dog! Why are you trying to lock me up?”

“You’re right. You’re not a dog. But you’re going to be the dogs’ food. I’m giving you one last warning, Sasha. If you continue to make a fuss, you won’t be the only one who’s going to end up as dog food.”

Sebastian gripped tightly on her wrist as he looked down at her. His face was dark he looked as though he was about to skin her alive soon.

At the sight of him, she finally couldn’t hold in the anger she had felt since she was at the Rocke residence.

“Alright then. Go ahead and lock me up. Throw me to the dogs if you dare. Why do you even have to lock me up anyway? Just chop me up and feed me to them. Why waste so much time and energy?”

Her screams were hysterical. Her entire body shook due to the extreme anger and sadness she was feeling and her eyes had reddened.

Sebastian’s cold expression seemed to have darkened even more.

Strangely though, he did not lash out at all.

“Bring her in!”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

The dog watcher grabbed the metal chains and was about to bring Sasha to the room to lock her up.

However, she wasn’t willing to submit to them just like that.

She knew clearly that the man before her wouldn’t feel pity for her anymore. He had gone back to the time when they were at their worst. Sebastian had someone else now and Sasha was just someone he didn’t want to see at all.

The woman started to fight back. Just as the dog watcher was walking to her, she lowered her head and bit hard on Sebastian’s hand.


Taken by surprise, he let out a low grunt and loosened his grip.

At the sight of this, Sasha instantly made a run for it.

“Mr. Hayes, she… stand right there!”

Having seen this, the dog watcher shouted and chased after her with the metal chains in hand.

Before she could even run far enough, Sasha heard a loud ‘clang!’ from behind. A gust of wind blew past her and the metal chain hit the back of her head and her back the next second.


Before she could even let out a scream, she fell onto the ground with a thud.

Sebastian snapped his head towards her and was stunned when he saw what had happened.

He finally snapped back to his senses when he saw blood gushing from the back of her head. His eyes widened and he instantly rushed towards her.

“How are you feeling, Sasha?”

He got to his knees by her side and in just a matter of seconds, his face had turned as pale as a sheet.

Having realized that something was wrong, the dog watcher stammered as he explained, “I- I didn’t do it on purpose, Mr. Hayes. I just saw that she-”

“You’re courting death!” Sebastian roared.

The former didn’t manage to see when his president had moved when he felt severe pain in his neck. The metal chain had struck him.

He instantly coughed out blood and fell onto the ground.

“Mr. Hayes…”

The dog watcher couldn’t understand why Sebastian had such a huge change in his attitude so suddenly. Isn’t he going to feed this woman to the dogs?

So why can’t I hit her?

Sasha didn’t expect it when she didn’t die in Sebastian’s hands. Instead, she had almost died from being hit with the dog watcher’s metal chain.

Ahem! Ahem!

“You’re awake?”

She felt the world spinning as she opened her eyes and almost puked.

Jackson sat beside her as he watched her with cold eyes.

The woman only noticed his presence when she finally felt better.

“Uncle Jackson… Why are you here? Where… Where am I?”

Sasha studied her surroundings in exhaustion and noticed that she wasn’t at the dog pound anymore. She was laying in bed in a shabby, old-fashioned house.

This is…

She suddenly noticed a celadon-glazed vase by the window and certificates with her name written on them hanging on the walls.

“Where are you? You’re in hell, of course!” Jackson answered grumpily.

He couldn’t help but scold her when his niece asked such a question the moment she woke up.

Sasha didn’t dare to speak anymore.

This was the first time her uncle took the initiative to visit her ever since his daughter, Xenia’s death. She was extremely grateful and couldn’t ask for more.

That was why both the uncle and the niece stayed in the silence for a long time.

“What are you doing up there, Jackson? Get down here and eat!”

Sharon’s voice sounded from downstairs suddenly.

Sasha instantly froze upon hearing her voice.

I am indeed at the Blackwood residence.

How can this be? How do I end up here?

Wasn’t I at the dog pound earlier?

Her mind was in a mess.

“You’d better lay down and rest if you don’t want to die. Sebastian isn’t the person he used to be anymore. You’re lucky enough to keep your life this time but that doesn’t mean there will be a second time,” Jackson said before leaving the room.

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