The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 350

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 350

“What would you like to drink?” Jackson asked casually.

“Whatever. Mr. Blackwood, I hope you don’t beat around the bush. Do you intend to claim your niece’s medical fee from me?” The man, who was seated idly with his legs crossed, glanced at Sasha subtly as he opened his mouth abruptly.

At that very moment, the golden ray of the sunlight cascaded on the man’s striking features, making him look exceptionally attractive. It was as though he was an artist in a movie scene.

Sasha, who was taking a sip of the lemonade, froze in an instant.

Medical fee? Hmph! Who has the guts to claim it from him?

“Of course not, don’t get me wrong. My main aim today is to talk to you about Sasha’s two boys. I wish to remind you that my beloved niece still has her maternal family that can speak up for her. As her uncle, I’m making a query on behalf of her now. Mr. Hayes, about the matter of the boys, have you thought of how to get it resolved?” Jackson replied nonchalantly, placing the cup of coffee served by the waiter right in front of Sebastian.

Sasha was stunned, and her brain turned into mush. Is he really my Uncle Jackson? It is unbelievable that he is exuding such an imposing vibe! Not to mention, he’s apparently standing up for me now!

Right that instant, Sasha felt a rush of indecipherable complex emotions in her heart. Within a few seconds, her eyes started to well up with tears.

“The boys?” Sebastian refuted placidly, “What is there to be resolved? After all, they are my children. Is there anything for me to resolve?”

Jackson mocked with a smirk. “Mr. Hayes, please bear in mind that the boys are my niece’s children as well. If both of you end up in court for the boys’ custody, the Hayes’ image will surely be tarnished as well. Do you still intend to blow things out of proportion?”

Sebastian’s face turned grim at once.

As the saying goes, the older, the wiser. Well-said, Uncle Jackson! Upon hearing Jackson’s words, Sasha’s eyes lit up. Deep down, she gave him a thumbs up blissfully.

“Do you think that I will let go of my own flesh and blood just because of that?” Sebastian sneered with a glint of ferocity in his penetrating eyes.

Unable to restrain her frustration, Sasha chimed in, “You are a liar. I know that you don’t want them anymore. If so, what is the point for you to be pretentious that you are a loving father and won’t easily let go of them? You are obviously playing mind games so I can’t have my boys back, aren’t you?”

“Have you gone nuts? Did I ever say that I don’t want them anymore?” Sebastian fumed.

“If you really want them, why did you choose to turn a blind eye when Roxanne Rocke abused Matteo? Apart from that, after marrying that insidious woman, you will set up your love nest elsewhere, and even have the heart to leave my two boys at Frontier Bay all by themselves! How dare you still claim that you want them?” At the peak of fury, Sasha reprimanded Sebastian by blurting out her findings obtained in those few days.

In a blink of an eye, an awkward silence ensued as Sebastian stiffened and gaped at her.

Hmph! I bet he is finally at a loss for words to deny everything! But why is he looking at me like that, as though I have lost my mind?

So these are the reasons why she is suddenly worked up within these two days? Sebastian snorted. “Who on earth told you that Matteo was abused by Roxanne?”

“Did I say anything wrong? Matteo was beaten to a pulp till his front tooth was gone! Yet, you are still denying it and backing her up?” Sasha’s heart wrenched, and she was on the brink of tears, imagining how Matteo was enduring his pain at the moment.

Jackson echoed at once, “Yeah, he came to see me and told me that he was abused by that woman. Do you mean to say that it’s not true?”

What? Matteo went to see him and told him that he was abused by Roxanne? In a split second, Sebastian gritted his fists as he was boiling with fury. Damn it! That little liar! I must teach him a lesson later!

“Of course, it’s not true! He had a bad fall earlier. If you don’t believe me, you can go to Frontier Bay and ask Wendy,” he snapped.

Both Sasha and Jackson were dumbfounded and rendered speechless. In Frontier Bay, anyone would lie to them but Wendy, who treated Sasha lovingly, just like her own family member.

“By the way, who on earth told you that Roxanne and I have another love nest? I didn’t marry her as well. It’s just an engagement. What’s more, Rose Villa that you heard about earlier is just another property newly purchased by the Rocke family. What does that have to do with me?” he scoffed and stared at Sasha coldly.

Sasha was at a loss for words. It was as if she had dug a hole and buried herself. The next moment, her dainty face was flushed red. She looked away hastily to avoid having any eye contact with the man.

He even mentions right away that I have heard about “Rose Villa” that day! Could it be he was completely aware when I sneaked into Frontier Bay that day? My goodness! This is embarrassing!

It never occurred to Jackson that there would be such a twist. He was regretful of making up his mind earlier to stand up for Sasha. Damn it! See how I end up humiliating myself by barking up the wrong tree!

“Alright, I’m relieved that it’s just a misunderstanding. Mr. Hayes, I hope you understand that we don’t have any bad intentions. We tend to overreact because we are concerned about the two boys.” Jackson had to tamp down his rising fury and apologized sincerely.

Sebastian smiled and glanced at Sasha, whose head was lowered all the time. “Of course, I will take great care of my own children. You don’t have to doubt that.”

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