The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 351

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 351

Sebastian had apparently given a firm reassurance. Nonetheless, Sasha looked up abruptly and blurted out, “What if you have other children in the future?”

“What?” Sebastian raised his brows and asked quizzically.

“Let me put it this way. Since you are now engaged to Ms. Rocke, you will surely get married and have other children with her. By then, what are you going to do with the two boys?” Jackson explained on behalf of Sasha.

At the instant, Sebastian’s subtle smile widened. “I will not have any more children.”

Sasha and Jackson gaped at him. Is there something wrong with our ears? I can’t believe that he has just said that!

Even so, Sasha was over the moon the moment she heard Sebastian’s words. It seemed everything bugging her all this while was gone within seconds.

“Sasha Wand, look at what you have done!” Once they were back from the cafe, Jackson lashed out at Sasha.

Sasha held her tongue and did not dare to retort. Standing in front of Jackson obediently, she chose to zip her mouth. Other than that, she dared not refute that Jackson was the one who let her come back and showed her Matteo’s photo, telling her that he was abused by Roxanne.

No matter what, I mustn’t blurt out any words on that. If not, Uncle Jackson surely won’t allow me to step into this house again once he is infuriated!

Thus, she could only face the music as Jackson vented his anger by reprimanding her.

After quite a while, he finally cooled his head off and advised, “Since it’s a blunder, just give in to him and don’t fight for the boys’ custody anymore. After all, you will never be able to defeat him.”

“Alright, Uncle Jackson.” Sasha nodded obediently.

“What are you planning to do after this? If I’m not mistaken, you have bought the Wand residence?” Jackson asked her with great concern.

“Yeah, I was supposed to sign the sales and purchase agreement a few days earlier. Nevertheless, it is on hold due to the issue of my two boys. Since there’s nothing to worry about them anymore, I will proceed to get the related procedures done. O-other than that, I’m thinking of buying a new house for you,” Sasha told Jackson everything about her following plans and stammered as she mentioned about getting them a new residence. In fact, she had been thinking of buying them a new house long ago.

Even so, Sharon stepped in right after she brought up the topic.

“Buying us a new house? Forget about it! We don’t need your money! Stop shedding crocodile tears! Jackson Blackwood, you’d better put an end to this. If I ever hear you crossing paths with her again, don’t blame me for divorcing you!” She stormed out and slammed the door behind her.

Sasha and Jackson could not utter any words for quite a while. Needless to say, Jackson knew that their daughter’s death was the reason that led to Sharon’s bellow of anger. Even though it was proven that the Hayes had nothing to do with her death, they were still in vain in tracing the real culprit. Since then, Sharon bore a grudge against Sasha, claiming that she had indirectly caused the loss of her beloved daughter.

Huh! That’s why she can’t stop dwelling on the past and won’t accept Sasha. Jackson turned to look at the girl standing behind him with her head lowered. At the sight of Sasha’s tears which were trickling down her cheeks, he could only grit and get a grip of himself by saying, “Don’t mention anything about buying a house for us anymore. Just go ahead and settle your matter; then, get back to your place earlier.”

The next moment, he left in his wheelchair without sparing another glance at Sasha.

Sasha looked up and gazed at Jackson sorrowfully with her teary eyes until his figure was out of sight. She could barely breathe as she was overcome by another wave of indecipherable mixed emotions.

I knew it! They won’t easily forgive me. Thus, I must find out who’s the murderer! Why did he kill Xenia out of a sudden? How did Xenia and Xandra get involved with each other? They didn’t know each other before that, did they?

There was still another doubt which kept Sasha wondering all this while. Since Xenia had feelings for Sebastian, why was she willing to take the risk to steal my manuscripts and letters just to fulfill Xandra’s wish. Why?

Sasha’s gut instinct told her that there must be an unveiled secret behind all these.

In the afternoon, Sasha still headed for the Wand residence in Old Town.

Throughout those few years, Avenport had been developing significantly, and the local authorities were focusing on setting up New Town. Subsequently, Old Town was more like a deserted area at the moment.

When Sasha took a cab there, the driver was flabbergasted. He could not resist but double confirm with her. “Miss, are you sure you are heading for this area? It’s basically unoccupied now after most people nearby moved out one by one.”

“Yeah, I need to settle something over there,” Sasha replied indifferently. How can I not go over there? Even though the Wand family had a downfall, it will always be her home.

When the taxi came to a halt near the Wand residence, a middle-aged man standing outside the residence advanced toward her at once. He had probably guessed that she was from the Wand family based on an unmissable vibe of dignity that she was exuding. “Are you Ms. Wand? I’m Bryan Xander, who has made an appointment with you earlier.”

Sasha nodded as she gazed at the house behind him. Even though it was not comparable to the Hayes Residence, it was still the place where she grew up all those years, and she still liked it a lot.

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