The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 352

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 352

Sasha signed the sales and purchase agreement for Wand residence with Bryan without a second thought. According to him, he was initially thinking of transforming the Wand residence into a commercial building when he bid for it during an auction. Nevertheless, he changed his mind as the local authority was focusing on the development of New Town lately. Thus, nothing was done to the residence ever since it was under his possession.

As for Sasha, it was a blessing that nothing was done to the house. She shuddered as she pushed open the door and entered eagerly. At that very moment, she was overcome by a wave of inexplicit emotions as that was the first time since she last stepped into it seven years ago.

As expected, there was not the slightest bit of change to everything in the house and the yard. Even the furniture looked exactly like the way they were when she left seven years ago. The only difference was there was dust everywhere at the moment.

Sasha walked around sorrowfully. She scanned every corner of the ground floor before she went upstairs to have a look at her parents’ room. After that, she went to her own room and Xenia’s room which was next to hers.

Xenia? She pondered for a while before she pushed open the door and entered Xenia’s room instinctively.

Xenia’s room was about the same size as hers. When her parents brought Xenia back to stay with them in the house many years ago, they treated her exactly like their own daughter. They catered to her needs well by giving her everything owned by Sasha as well.

Other than the dust, the room was exceptionally messy. There were piles of things on the small couch and bed. Besides, it was a total mess on the desk as well. It seemed that Xenia had never tidied up her room all the while.

Sasha could only tiptoe into the room and roughly looked around. To her surprise, something among the piles on the desk caught her eye. She found a diary with a lock underneath the piles of books.

“What is this?” she mumbled in bafflement as she pulled it out. It was the type of diary that was very popular during her high school days and was well-liked by most young girls in those days.

Furthermore, it was a trend for them to jot down their daily thoughts and secrets in their diaries.

What had Xenia recorded in it? Prevailed over by her curiosity, she unlocked the diary effortlessly with a pin. The next moment, she was astonished at the lines that came into view.

17th March, usual place, Sasha’s second volume of manuscript.

25th March, usual place, Sasha’s third volume of manuscript.

2nd April, usual place, Sasha’s fourth volume of manuscript.

What does she mean? Why did she have a record of all my manuscripts in this diary? What on earth was she trying to do then?

Sasha’s hands trembled in agitation as she flipped till the last page of the diary. To her astonishment, the whole diary was mainly recording about her manuscript! Xenia even listed the relevant titles of Sasha’s books from time to time. Other than that, the record was made consistently weekly, and there was the term “usual place” in every line.

Where is this “usual place”? What did she mean by that? Did she send my manuscripts there? What was her intention to do so? Was there anyone waiting for her at the so-called “usual place”? So had she started to steal my manuscripts since then? Who did she intend to send my manuscripts to? Was it Xandra? All sorts of questions began to flood her mind.

No, it’s impossible! I was not even married to Sebastian at that time. Apart from that, she was still staying under the same roof with us here. How could she do that to me?

Sasha was preoccupied with a series of questions; her mind turned mushy. Fortunately, after flipping through the diary again, she managed to spot a phone number on the front cover. It was as if Xenia had purposively jotted down the phone number on it, so it was not easily traceable by anyone. Somehow, it was fated for Sasha to spot it.

Sasha whipped out her phone at once and dialed the number spontaneously.

“Hello, this is Blue Enchantress, do you need any room reservations?” Sasha was stunned when the languorous voice sounded from the other end of the line.

Blue Enchantress? What’s this place? Room reservation? Is it a hotel?

“Hello, anyone there? If you are interested, please make your reservation earlier. If not, all the rooms will be fully booked by tonight.” The woman on the other end of the line started to sound impatient and was almost hanging up.

Sasha finally came to her senses and asked hastily, “Excuse me, is this a hotel?”

“Hotel? It’s a nightclub! How ridiculous! Pfft! A prank call! Wasting my time!” The woman on the other end of the line hung up at once.

Sasha was dumbfounded again. My goodness! This is a nightclub? Xenia started visiting a nightclub even when she was barely eighteen years old at that time? She’s really daring! I wonder who’s the person she dealt with at the nightclub. It couldn’t be she was selling off my manuscripts there. It doesn’t make sense that anyone at the nightclub would be interested in my manuscripts!

Even so, Sasha made up her mind to drop by Blue Enchantress at night. At the same time, she came across a real blue rose that was drawn in the diary.

On the other hand, when Roxanne knew that Sasha was released, it was already nighttime. As she was on bad terms with the two boys lately, her mother suggested sending desserts to Frontier Bay more frequently so she could win their hearts. Needless to say, her mother was the one who made the desserts.

Upon entering Frontier Bay, she spotted the two boys whispering to each other in the garden.

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